A Wet WHAT?!

Recently a blast from my past came back into my life. Back in the days when I would go out and hit the bars on a weekly basis my night wouldn’t be complete without a Wet Pussy Shot. I haven’t thought about this shot in years , until my sister in law bought out aContinue reading “A Wet WHAT?!”

Chocolate PIMMS

To me nothing says Summer like a delicious jug of a Pimms cocktail. I saw these in the supermarket and thought YESSSSS I need this! I actually always like that around Christmas time they bring out chocolates with alcohol flavours (but don’t actually contain alcohol), it always catches my eye because I’m curious on howContinue reading “Chocolate PIMMS”

As if I couldn’t do it!

Of course I had to share a bit of love to everyone and Wish you All a Safe and Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your day spreading the love (not your legs, that’s for Valentine’s Day *joking*) eat and drink as much as you want just enjoy the time you have. IM OUT!!! Mimosas are calling!!

Eggnog Again

That’s right friends…..we’re trying eggnog again!! Some new flavoured eggnog has been released this year and naturally I had to try it out to fill myself with Christmas spirit. This year PAULS have released two new flavours of Eggnog along with the original flavour. I managed to get my little hands on ones to takeContinue reading “Eggnog Again”

Christmas Themed Yoghurt!

While walking through the fridge section of the supermarket some specific yoghurt caught my eye. Christmas flavoured Greek yoghurt and not just any Greek Yoghurt, CHOBANI Greek Yoghurt. This brand Greek Yogurt’s hands down the best, for years I’ve been buying this brand. I love the flavours and I never feel heavy or overly fullContinue reading “Christmas Themed Yoghurt!”

These are my PALS

These across one day in the liquor store. I was actually going in to get something else but there *WARNING KARENS* was two women with trolleys blocking the fridge talking where the item was and everytime I tried to ask to get through they would ignore me and when I gave up and tried toContinue reading “These are my PALS”

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS!!! It’s time to costume up and have a little fun! Whether it be trick or treating or attending a party or even just hanging at home watching a scary movie. Just enjoy your day. This year we added a few more decorations to our house, fortunately for us we stuck to decoratingContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”