Lemonade Icy Pole AND Vodka!

Billsons have bought out some new flavours its been a while now til I managed to get my hands on some of these newly flavours. So let me point out that all of these released flavours are harder than Pokémon to catch! I swear finding these flavours are so hard there should be a prize … More Lemonade Icy Pole AND Vodka!


Watermelon Margi

It’s time to try another Margarita in a can friends. This time I am trying out the Jose Cuervo Watermelon Sparkling Margarita. Now if you don’t remember I actually tried out the regular Margi last year ( It kept Calling my Name)and it was amazing. The original was so good that it’s pretty much a … More Watermelon Margi

Just a Margi?

LETS TRY SOME MARGI’S!!! This year we are going to find the perfect cocktails in a can. I love cocktails, they are delicious and fun. But the big downside to them is the making part. I hate making a massive mess for my cocktail and being the neat freak I am I can’t enjoy it … More Just a Margi?

Valentines Challenge

So Valentines Day is coming up, sorry guys no ascetically pleasing house decor, food or gifts coming from me. I will however be providing a Valentines Challenge inspired by a Tik Tok trend. I came across the Couples Target Challenge, were couples are given categories in which to buy gifts for their significant other and … More Valentines Challenge

Ooooo Gingerbread

Of course I had to kick off this year with a Billsons post. This particular one I have been curious to try since I pulled it out of my Christmas Advent calendar. To me this could go either way it could taste just like gingerbread in liquid form or could just be a lazy interpretation … More Ooooo Gingerbread