Look of the Week

This week has been full of cancellations or last minute reschedules. While drinking my coffee I was contemplating making a cocktail……. THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. CAFFEINE HELPS LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from Victoria Secret , Top from AMBR Designs, Socks From Bonds, Coffee from NESPRESSO and Watch from FIT BIT Freshly washed hair blow dried providing … More Look of the Week

Look of the Week

I know I look like a hot mess most of the time, but I make it look goooood. THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. The Fit Granny LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from AMBR DESIGNS , Cardigan from Target, T-Shirt From AMBR DESIGNS, Shoes from ASICS and Watch from FIT BIT Make sure when doing this pose and commit … More Look of the Week


I have been searching what feels forever for three of the new BILLSONS vodka and soft drinks flavours. Every liquor store I would search in didn’t have any and I wasn’t particularly keen on ordering online. We’ve had a few scumbags stealing in my street and any booze delivered to my house would no doubt … More I FOUND THEM!!!!

Look of the Week

I’ve reached my limit of this bullshit cold weather here in Melbourne, honestly I was excited for the cold because it meant more cozy clothes and boots. I love rocking boots! But so far this weather has just made me not want to leave the house. Sorry correction, its made me not want to leave … More Look of the Week

Hidden Wine Bar

I have been hanging for a hidden bar for ages, all through the many many lockdowns I kept thinking to myself “I will find these hidden bars and I will try them out!”. I can now say that I have finally been to one. Located in Watton street (Werribee, West Melbourne) the place is easy … More Hidden Wine Bar