Oooo Peachy

So last week I mentioned that I was looking for a specific drink and stumbled across the Captain Morgan Tropical. Well this was the drink I was originally looking for, the Billsons Peaches and Cream Vodka drink. Yes another Billsons. Seriously these guys keep bringing out more and more flavours and they all look amazing … More Oooo Peachy

Izzzz it any Good?

This drink has come up in my social media feed so much, it’s ridiculous! Obviously I had to try this out so why not now while the weather is getting better (well planning on getting better, I’m staying hopeful) and we are giving the winter blues the middle finger and preparing to kick back in … More Izzzz it any Good?

Look of the Week

Oh yes I’m rocking my costume a few days early because why not? THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. BEBE T-REXHA FABULOUS LOOK DETAILS: Outfit from BigW This prehistoric fabulous-ness wasn’t purchased for Halloween. I actually bought this last year during lockdown. Yes it was one of my many random late night, drunk purchases while in Lockdown. … More Look of the Week

Halloween Decor

Wow the title sounds fancy. I haven’t gotten all fancy on you don’t worry but I thought I would share my Halloween decorations Ive put up around my house. We are getting close to Halloween so I am a bit excited for that. Unfortunately as soon as Halloween is done I’m clocking over to Christmas … More Halloween Decor

Look of the Week

Halloween is creeping up (see what I did there) so I feel this outfit is fitting. I’m going with scream this week…..few like a classic. THIS WEEKS LOOK IS……. Felt Spooky Might Delete Later LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from Ambr Designs, Top from Victoria Secret, Watch from FitBit, Socks from BONDS and Mask from The Firey … More Look of the Week

Let’s Pack!!!

So for our little getaway to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, the husband and I were sticking to Victoria. After the fuck around with the airline we just thought it would be safe to stick to staying within the state. We already booked this trip a week before our actual anniversary because the oldest … More Let’s Pack!!!


Hello friends it’s been…..I’ll say two weeks since I posted. I wanted a break to enjoy time celebrating the 10 year wedding anniversary with the husband. Tomorrow we’ll be returning to regular programming so don’t think this is me slacking off. So what’s been happening? I now have Magenta hair, why? Because I bloody want … More IM BAAAACK!!