Different Types of Drunks


Whenever you go out drinking you will always come across some characters in your drunken travels. Ive created a list of some characters you may encounter……


The Trapper
We all have this friend or are this friend, the wasted friend that pulls you aside for a D & M (deep and meaningful conversation). They are the ones that trap you into this conversation (whether you want to be apart of it or not) about life, love and whatever is on their mind. Basically its an important conversation in a bar, an inappropriate location to have this conversation that you can’t escape.
The Binger
The individual that appears to have never eaten a day in their life. These people are usually the ones that want to leave the club or bar to find the nearest take away joint to stuff their face or they rummage through the pantry and fridge to make a feast. I admit on occasion I am this person I know I look like Ive just discovered food,  out of all honesty its usually when I’m wasted and I basically forget I’ve just eaten then I slam more crap in my face.


The Doug
A lot like the character Doug from the Hangover that you only really see at the beginning and the end of the movies, these people are present at the beginning of the night but then disappear until the end of the night only to show up randomly at the cab stand or in line getting fast food. Its always mystery where they go and what they did.
The Baby
This is the drunk thats incredibly sloppy. They have become and adult baby: speaks gibberish with the odd word you can understand, rolls around on the floor, unable to hold up their own head, spits up all over themselves and more than likely will pee themselves.
The “I’m not even drunk”
This is the individual thats obviously pissed but chooses to deny it. The drunker they get the more convinced they are that they are sober.
The Bestie 
This person is usually the shy person at the start of the night and creating any sort of conversation is near impossible, but as the night goes on and the more drinks are consumed the more confident they become and are more able to talk to anyone and everyone. They can run off to the toilet or to the bar to get drinks  and they always come back with some new friends.
The Sad Sack
The sad sack can be confused with the trapper, but don’t let them confuse you! These guys you can’t snap out of their funk and usually the drunker they get the more emotional and closer to crying they get, while the trapper you can talk out of a funk they get themselves into. The sad sack can be miserable for a number of reasons whether it being something already bumming them out or they remember that a puppy died in a movie they saw 5 years ago.
 The Happy Chappie
This drunk is always a pleasure to be around, they have an optimistic look on everything. They are approachable and very talkative, as well as being very affectionate towards everyone. These drunks usually love to get everyone involved and more than likely will drunk dial or text people inviting them to join in on the shenanigans.
The Angry Beaver
This is the angry drunk, avoid at all costs. This person looses it over absolutely nothing, ready for a fight with everyone and everyone. They are very moody and can lash out if confronted about being an angry drunk.

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