Death to Dory


When my daughter was about 10 months old we decided to take her to the Melbourne Aquarium for a family adventure. I figured she would most likely enjoy it because of all the colourful things moving around, she loved it! So it became a treat to take her to the Aquarium or even a pet shop just to look at the fish .

So with her new love for fish, for her first birthday I decided to get her a Finding Nemo DVD, I knew she wouldn’t actually with the movie but I figured it seemed like a fish tank and she could be entertained by it, for a little while so I could have at least five minutes to myself. BIG MISTAKE BUYING THAT DVD. For those that have been living under a rock Finding Nemo is a 2003 Disney Pixar movie about a child clownfish whose taken from his home by a diver and his father goes across the ocean to find him. About 13 years later a second movie came out Finding Dory and it was about another character going across the ocean to find her family. Both these movies are nice stories.

She didn’t watch the movie straight away but eventually she did take interest in the DVD, well she didn’t actually take interest in the actual movie just the fish floating across the Television screen. I was fine with that but around 14/15 months she became obsessed with Finding Nemo. Correction. She became obsessed with DORY. She even started saying “Door Door” whenever she saw anything Dory related an basically losing her shit if she saw any merchandise. Which happen to be the worst time because Finding Dory came out this year and the stores have been flooded with Dory stock. Its insane!

I can’t step foot in a Target without something with that fucking fish’s face all over it!!

At first I thought it was kind of cute, her loving the forgetful fish. But as she became more obsessed, the more I would want to cook Dory up and serve her with chips. Day in and day out all I would hear was “door door” whenever she wanted me to put on the DVD. The DVD was constantly on loop, even though she wasn’t watching it she would have top have it playing just so she could hear the movie while she was playing with her toys. With the amazing Melbourne weather with non stop rain we were confined to our house so all day I would hear the movie non stop. I can’t even watch ELLEN when she goes to sleep because of this bloody movie because it has been played that much.

As much as I hate this movie now, and am plotting different ways to murder those damn fish it is good to know that I have something to cheer up the baby when she is sick or upset besides a cuddle. I just wish she had a thing for Tom Hardy movies, then mummy can enjoy it too when she’s down or hurt.

Ok my little rant is over the kettles boiled so now i can make up a cup of tea and ummm DORY I WILL MAKE YOU INTO SUSHI!


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