Working out in HEELS

Weight training with women has become more mainstream now, with women wanting to tone up their bodies rather than aim for a swizzle stick appearance. I’ve done weight training and it was good for getting my body the way I wanted but one big flaw….sharing the gym with meat heads grunting and hogging all of the equipment. It was a major turn off and not to mention the second I would walk into the weights section i could feel every males eyes staring at me as If I didn’t belong.
So I opted to try different approach to help tone my body. I attempted yoga and buckram yoga, sure they were relaxing but I didn’t find that felt like I actually did anything. So one day I came across a pole dancing classes booth at an event (why the hell am I trying to sound fancy I came across the booth at SEXPO) after talking with the rep I thought why the hell not give it a go, so when I got home I looked up classes near me and booked myself in. 6 years later I’m still doing classes and absolutely loving it.
Not going to lie you do get the odd bruise or two but its well worth it with the strength and flexibility you gain from it. It engages your core (ooohhh I sound all professional like I’m a PT) which is a huge benefit for us women wanting that strong sexy tummy and this is what I did when I was pregnant and it helped me bounce back after birth and reduce my chances of a saggy mummy tummy. Not to mention doing these classes has given me a lot more confidence in my body.
Ive never been one of those girls who prance around with their tummy hanging out, I’m the person that wearing a t-shirt and board shorts at the pool to cover up. But since doing the classes I’ve gained a lot more confidence and this year I gave the booty shorts a crop top a go (usually i’m in the baggy top and shorts- the unstylish gym wear) and I felt so comfortable strutting around.

You don’t have to look like a supermodel

While most photos you see on social media contain women with extremely toned physiques, with the exception of some plus sized women being praised for being able to do anything for their size. I can assure you there is a very diverse range of women taking part in the classes; all with different fitness levels , some dancers, some women trying to get fit, some embracing what they have and just wanting to flaunt it, either way there is no need to drop the kilos to attend a class.
One of the amazing things pole dancing teaches to is co-ordination, with dance moves and pole tricks. Once you feel
comfortable bust those sexy stilettos out and work baby. I have never been the person who can rock the heels but since taking on classes I able to walk (even dance) rather than looking like Bambi on ice.
So ladies if you are looking for a new fitness activity, look up your nearest Pole Dancing studio. Its definitely worth the money. Your boyfriend or husband or girlfriend will love the results and if are anything like my husband, will love to brag that you are pole dancing

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