Big White Smile

Coconut oil, is there anything you can’t do?? Over the last 2 years Ive taken up Coconut Oil pulling as apart of my morning routine to help keep my teeth healthy and naturally white.
Detox the body
Freshens breath
Whitens teeth
Removes plaque
Improves skin
Heals bleeding gums
and much more!!!
One day when I received an order for another product in the mail I received a sample for Keeko Oil, a flavoured oil pulling sachet. I received the Morning Mint flavour, thought why not give it a go it might be a bit nicer taste rather than the regular coconut oil I would use. It was fucking amazing! My mouth felt so refreshed and I could even notice some results with my teeth looking whiter. I had to buy this stuff.
I ordered my two week course of Morning Fresh Mint and my teeth just looked so amazing after I finished to two weeks, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a trip to the dentist to get my teeth looking like this I payed less than $40! After finishing the first pack I went and bought two more packs to keep my teeth healthy and white.
Basically all you do is get one sachet, just warm it up in your hands before opening (the coconut oil hardens whens cold, liquid makes the oil easier to swish in your mouth) once oil feels nice and soft open sachet and put in mouth and swish around. Don’t swallow. Swish around in your mouth for 5-15 minutes, the longer the better . When the time is up spit the oil in the bin, NOT down the sink or toilet. You don’t want to have clogged drains from your daily beauty routine . Brush your teeth and then your done! Its simple to do and you can do it while you are getting ready in the morning or if your weird like me sometimes when driving (I got a lot of weird looks) .
I seriously love this product I had to share it! It works and is not breaking the bank to buy which is good enough for me.
If your a little intrigued with Keeko Oil and want to see what they are all about head to their website:

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