Get that sexy body you have always wanted while still getting your buzz on. Here are a few workouts to get you looking supermodel ready……if these don’t work just throw back a few bottles until you look supermodel ready. 


The Drunken Bike ride


This is a perfect workout for women who like vertical bike riding, just lay on your back with a bottle of wine and move your legs in the air as if your riding a bike.

Wine Squats


Very straight forward, just have two glasses of wine one for each hand. All you do is squat- for those who don’t know how: Keep your weight in your heels and pretend to sit down on an imaginary chair. While you are squatting hold a glass of wine in each hand and when you get back up take a sip as a reward from a glass and alternate after each squat.

Sippy Plank


Put a straw in your wine glass and sip while you are planking- this is great to get those abs while enjoying your favourite grape

Wine Side to Side


 Another ab workout. Make sure you have a bottle of wine. Just sit back on the floor and lean back with your legs up, move upper body from side to side holding your bottle when you reach the middle take a sip .



Out of wine. No worries just run to the nearest store. Remember the quicker you go and get your wine the less chance you will lose your buzz

Practice these winercises daily ( make sure your fridge is fully stocked) and hopefully you will see results



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