Why Does Muma Drink Wine


As a parent it is my job to set an example for my daughter to help her get through life, to make good choices and become a respected member of society. Basically not become a drug dealer, prostitute or serial killer. So I spend a considerable amount of my energy dedicated to her and making sure I am the best mother I can be. With everything that I do for her it  does come with loads of love and a lot of happiness, but with a child it can also drive you bat shit crazy.

So you would have no doubt come across memes of mothers and wine at some point or another on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, basically anywhere on the internet and wondered why the hell does this keep coming up. Well, if you aren’t a mother here are some reason why Mothers Drink. But before all of those childless people start trying to put in their two cents YOU SIT DOWN and SHHHHHHHHH

We Share EVERYTHING: from food to our bed the child pretty much gets half of everything! This must be how it feels for men with us women. But never the less we need to have something that is just for mum “sorry sweetie this is mummies special juice that stops her becoming a monster”

They are asleep in Bed: putting a child to bed sounds like an easy task, couldn’t be further from the truth. Putting a child to sleep isn’t a sprint its a marathon. Its fucking exhausting and afterwards you want to celebrate the fact you finally got them to bed, you can now sit down, relax and watch all of the trash TV you want with a glass of wine

The Buzz Gets us in the Mood: yup sometimes a little wine helps you put out with the hubby. I know if I’ve had a glass or two (or a bottle) it helps me loosen up and I get a bit frisky with the hubster.

We need to relax our minds: If you have lots of stress, worries or just plain cabin fever from being stuck at home (if you’re a stay at home mum). The wine helps give your mind a bit of a break and relax

Treat to keep you sane: Its always good to treat yourself for your hard work and surviving raising a child. Some people like to go for the chocolate I prefer the wine, I find that its my liquid sanity that I can look forward to after a long day.

Feel Fancy: Theres something about drinking out of a wine glass that makes you feel fancy and glamorous. You could be dressed like a homeless person and have unbrushed hair but holding that wine glass filled with delicious wine makes you feel like a fancy ass bitch.

Just because I feel like a glass of wine: There doesn’t always have to be a reason, just feel like a glass of wine

There are many reason why a mum needs a glass of wine. Whatever the reason, to all the mothers out there cheers to our children and us surviving another day with them.



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