Glad You’re Keeping Busy

“Glad you’re keeping busy…….”

That line get me everytime I hear it. Besides the fact I am raising a child and trying to maintain a household, I am also working on two small businesses that keep me very busy in order to bring in some income. I find it strange that people assume I just sit on my ass all day and watch cartoons with my daughter, which couldnt be further from the truth. This also goes for all stay at home mothers whether they are working from home or just concerntrating on being the best parent they can be they arent simply doing nothing. With people creating this stupid stereotype, that stay at home mothers do absolutely nothing but sleep in and sit around. Its related this horrible stigma about being a stay at home mum.

Sure there are some mothers out there that you think what do you do I happen to know a few that stay at home but dump their kids on their relatives every week and never clean, cook or anything. Those women don’t help the point I’m trying to make.

But I don’t see why being a stay at home mother is a bad thing. Why do people need to make mothers feel shit about the decision? Its the mothers choice. I chose to stay at home for a number of reasons;

1. A large percentage of my income would be going to daycare, seems very pointless to be working all of those hours (not being paid overtime, just getting stupid time in lieu) and not having any extra money to show for it.

a photo record of every month and milestone in her first year
2. Never seeing the baby. Having been present for all of my daughters milestones, I’m grateful I was there for her, it would kill me to miss anything. I love the fact I see her everyday and have the energy to play with her.

3. A chance to have a career not a job. After finishing high school I studied Graphic Design and photography, I loved it! Art has always been a passion of mine very since i was little. After I finished studying, I found it was very very hard to break into the Graphic Design Industry because of how competitive it is. I did the odd freelance work here and there for people but it was never really consistent. So I took a job in retail as a manager and I was good at it but it wasn’t my passion, so once I had my daughter I wanted to follow my passion and create my own small business doing design work. It started out slow but all my hard work is slowly paying off. Ive also joined forces with my cousin in a small business selling candles, soaps and etc. This also allows me to be create with creating our logos,labels and so on well as all of the photography and advertising on social media and on our website.

4. Being the best mother I could be. All my life I have not wanted kids AT ALL. I used to cringe whenever people would bring up me having kids. But the second that adorable little girl came into this world a big change came over me. I would take her to reading groups and mothers groups to try help her with development. It has paid off, that kid is one smart cookie.

Now I can justify the reasons for my choosing to stay at home, earlier in my daughters life, I’m not going to lie I would have horrible anxiety when it came to going out and seeing people at the fear that they would ask me when I’m going back to work. But now I learnt FUCK THEM this was my choice, and they can say what they want to me.

It won’t affect me because in reality it is no ones business but mine and my husbands. All Stay at home mothers should own it and not be ashamed of their choice, Its THIER choice and no one else’s.



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