Choc-cherry Green Smoothie 


Over the last few months I’ve just become obsessed with cherries. I mean I’ve always liked cherries but lately oh they just have been tasting sooooo goooooood. If I could I would eat them all day everyday. One day I was wanting a sugar hit and had a real hankering for chocolate, preferably a CHERRY RIPE. But i couldn’t really justify going all the way to the supermarket for just one chocolate bar. So I decided to make up a smoothie with both chocolate and cherries. This was for sure the most delicious Smoothie Ive ever had, wouldn’t say its the healthiest but it was defiantly a better alternative to a chocolate bar. 


1 Cup spinach

1/2 Banana

1 Cup frozen Cherries

1 Cup chocolate/ cacao flavoured coconut water (I used H2Choco)

Blend up all ingredients and enjoy its chocolate-cherry goodness


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