The Junk Food Ninja

Fuck waiting until my little girl goes to bed to enjoy my chocolate,lollies, cakes and basically all the things bad for you . I could share my treats with her, but I would like her to reach kindergarten with teeth. Sugar is like crack for kids, they have it once and your fucked! They will never eat healthy foods again! So I came up with some tricks on how to sneak treats right in front of kids with out them having a clue

Here are some of my tricks:

Mummy’s just having a cup of tea….don’t come too close it’s hot


“just cleaning the oven sweetie don’t come near mama the smell make you sick” make sure the oven isn’t on or hot when you do this


“Just fixing the Christmas tree stand” – idea for all the chocolate and candy canes you get as gifts at christmas


Mummy just getting comfortable on the bed…..with a bag of Chocolate Raspberry Bullets


“Just doing the washing go play”

“Mumma is just washing her face, let me dry all the water off”

I know I’m being a hypocrite , it’s bad for you if your a kid but it’s a must when your an adult. Let’s face it parenting is mostly being hypocritical. These are only some of my ninja moves for smuggling junk food. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your treats parents, GET CHOCOLATE WASTED!


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