My Holiday Bucket List 

Its been no secret for the people close to me, that for my 30th Birthday in January I am planning on going to Las Vegas for a few days instead of throwing a 30th birthday bash. There are a few reasons why I chose to go on a holiday instead of throwing a party with all of my friends and family.

One being THE PARTY PLANNING, sure I love the idea of designing the invitations and a bit of attention, BUT throwing a party is a lot of ridiculous work and is a royal pain in the ass. Not to mention the people that don’t RSVP and either just show up on the day or go MIA leading up to the event, one of my pet peeves.

Two, Ive been to Vegas twice and I still feel I didn’t really party there. The first time we went it was at the end of our first USA holiday so we were fairly over traveling and really ready to head home so we half heartedly looked at all of the sights and I didn’t really do much research. The second time we travelled there I thought Ill make a plan on what to do, what bars to check out, Basically just party. We drove in from LA, which is awesome. Except if you’re hungover as all hell like I was from bar hopping the night before and just want to go die. That was my first day. The second day we had a few drinks and in my stupid tipsy state I took a pregnancy test to figure out why my boobs had doubled in size, yep I was knocked up! So that threw off all of the activities I had planned for the next 5 days! So this time I’m making sure Im not knocked up.

Three Ive spent the last two and a half years being the adult; stressing about my daughter, losing the baby weight, cleaning cooking, BLAH BLAH BLAH boring shit. So spending 11 days child free will be absolute bliss and just what I need to refresh. I reckon a bit of time away from my daughter will be what I need to help me be a better mother de-stressed and comeback refreshed. This trip will also help me be a better wife, Ive spent all of my energy being a mother that being a good wife has really taken a back seat. This trip will be a great way to reconnect as a couple.

With all of that said, I created a little bucket list (I may add more as it gets closer to January) of things I want to do In Las Vegas:


My husband is a bit nervous about this one knowing how clumsy I am. But I would like to give it a go, just to say Im a badass


So none of the standard cocktails I know and love, well i’ll have some of those swell but its time to broaden my horizon with the cocktails. So branding away from; Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Raspberry or strawberry daiquiris and Long Island Ice teas (There are more but I can’t think of them at the moment)


Everyone I know that has been to the USA has at least been to one of these fast food restaurants, I need to try one of the burgers. I spend every holiday being healthy this time I’m giving myself some junk food


I have been to the same buffet in Old Vegas, it was ok but wasn’t anything spectacular. I want to go somewhere on the strip, maybe the Bellagio


Both times I went down to old Vegas in the day! I want to see the lights and the night life Fremont street has to offer.


IM DOING THIS FOR SURE!!! I cannot wait I have seen this both times and for some reason I never end up going on it. So I’m on a mission.


I am a big fan of the show and I never thought to check it out last time. It will be amazing to see the store, I highly doubt any of the cast would be working. But if they are it would be FUCKING AWESOME!

I still have to add to this list but I have 5 months to do it so plenty of time. If anyone has anything else they would like to recommend for me to do on my trip feel free to send then through.




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