Coffee Balls

As I’ve mentioned in past posts cooking/baking is not my thing. It is a gene that seemed to have skipped me. But I can make a few treats, that luckily I don’t have to bake and aren’t too complicated to make. Making truffles, rum balls and bliss balls are where I shine when making up something sweet to eat and frankly I like those balls. Guaranteed someone has their mind in the gutter after reading that.

Well these balls I made up one day after flicking through my snapchat and seeing the Ashy Bines Clean Treats advertisement (now fucking snap chat does advertising!) I saw they sold Mocha Balls and it got me craving some sort of Mocha flavoured truffle thingy. I didn’t want to pay for postage or the actual product and the extra things needed (I most likely will buy off that site one day) and also hated the idea of waiting.

So I decided to make up my own I have made these balls in the past as super chocolate balls so I had a basic recipe. I tweaked it so I could add a bit of coffee but not make it too overwhelming. If you like really strong Coffee flavour or find the coffee taste isn’t too powerful in then mixture you can add more to the balls if you like, but this was good for me not to overpowered with coffee.



2 Cups Dates

150 grams almonds

2 Tbsp cocoa

1 Tbsp Chocolate Protein Powder

1 Tbsp Coffee


1. Soak dates in hot water for 10 minutes and mix up a few teaspoons of boiled water with the coffee. Mix coffee and water to a paste and let it cool.

2. Put the 150g of almonds in food processor and process until a little chunckier than almond meal

3. Drain dates and add to food processor with the cocoa, cooled coffee and Protein Powder and mix until all combined

4. Get teaspoon sized chunks of mixture and roll into balls- or if you just want to make big ass balls go for it!

5. Put balls into the fridge to set

How many of you reading this post had your mind in the gutter overtime you say the word balls???

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