I Do…..again 

5 years! I’ve been married for 5 fucking years! 

Now we are at the wedding anniversary were WOOD is the gift….actual wood not sex. If you were thinking dirty clean it up. For now. Now we aren’t particularly one of those couples that follows all the traditions, but we are happy to celebrate our 5 year milestone.

So our anniversary is in October, but because we are travelling to Las Vegas in January we are saving the big celebration until then. Kind of a belated celebration, because why not use it as another reason to celebrate something else since we are celebrating my 30th birthday. So what we had planned for Vegas is to renew our vows at one of the littles chapels. We did it for our first wedding anniversary and it was an amazing night. Well obviously not as amazing as our actual wedding.

But anyway we didn’t know what to expect with our first renew, we had only seen shotgun weddings in movies and really didn’t know what to expect. We booked our renewal through our hotels concierge so we didn’t have to do a heap of scouting around the strip. It was a great package; we got picked up from our hotel in a Limo, had Elvis sing while I walked down the isle with him, he also officiated and posed for photos with us and when we walked out of the chapel our names were shown on the signage out the front!! It was really a great experience on our first USA holiday.

As we were trying to keep in with a bit of a Vegas look, we did rock a bit of a shotgun wedding outfits. So I’m guessing a lot of people when they saw us walking out to the limo were thinking “SHOTGUN WEDDING”. The hubs wore jeans, red chucks and a tuxedo t-shirt. While I wore a short white dress which a few people thought was a bit Marilyn Monroe-ish with a hell of a lot of boobage . Of course with our Vegas looks we accompanied our outfits with frozen cocktails, it was defiantly a must.

Being buzzed and celebrating our first year of marriage in Las Vegas was a great experience and I look forward to celebrating again for our 5 years. Having the photos side by side would be great to see how much we have changed over the years. Although we are still goofy and love to drink cocktails.

I like the idea of renewing your vows for your 1st, 5th, 15th, 30th and your golden anniversaries just as a way to celebrate your love for each other after all these years. And celebrating the first year is good to celebrate surviving the first year as marriage. It would be something different compared to going out looking for a great gift and trying to figure out the perfect date. Sure the years in between we can have a small date night or try to figure out something different to try e.g.. give an Escape room a try.

But on our actual anniversary I think it will be a pretty quiet event with a nice dinner and a movie at home with a two year old taking on a third wheel role. As for gifts, I don’t think gifts are necessary considering what we are planning to do in January.  Looking out on this insane Melbourne weather right now I wish I was out of the country right now its freezing and miserable, with the occasional sun making its presence known . Getting off of topic. This anniversary is pretty big for me considering I was never wanting to get married (the fucker got me!) and lasting 5 years being married is just downright fantastic to me.

Before I go and de-frost my hands with a hot cup of coffee, because my house feels like in in a freezer , I just want to say if you are celebrating your Wedding anniversary why not renew your vows its a beautiful thing to share and reminisce your special day and your time together so far. Even a gag renewal is great I plan on having Dracula or Elvis renew us.

Ok now Ive gotten a bit too mushy sorry for the lovey dovey shit guys.




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