I am really jealous of Americans getting to celebrate Halloween! It looks like such a fun event with everyone in costumes and little kids trick or treating. OH SO JELLY! Over the last few years in Australia, well where I’ve lived, stores have tried to bring Halloween over here. But it’s not the same you can’t try to force a holiday that’s been around for many many years on people. I have had trick or treaters come to my house over the last few years and have been let down to see kids, who aren’t in costumes asking for sweets. Seriously? These kids see it as a day just to get off the couch to walk around to people’s houses asking for lollies. I understand times are tough for some people and buying a costume isn’t the ideal way to spend your money, but got kids be creative! I mean come on one year I put my baby in a pumpkin , with all the meat I hollowed out I managed to make a nice pumpkin soup.

pumpkin in a pumpkin

Anyway my rant over for this month in my house, I thought might make it fun for me and the spawn to dress up once or twice a week. This will force me to actually learn how to use the sewing machine in the wardrobe I got as a gift from my mum two years ago. Yes I suck as a female can’t cook and can’t sew…but I’m learning and I can drink wine like a champ. So that makes up for my short comings.

Stay tuned for my costume shenanigans leading up to Halloween. Hopefully the costumes will be entertaining and inspire you for any costume ideas for yourself.



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