Hidden Gems 

When I think of Op-shops (thrift stores) I think of the smell of moth balls with numerous fashion fails throughout the decades . I know this isn’t sewn by me but I couldn’t pass off this little surprise outfit that was extremely cheap (under $10!!!) and is definitely a great costume. Its technically a professional chefs uniform but for a very slim person, it came with everything: the hat, the shirt, the pants and the apron. The apron is a little stained but i think thats good it looks like they are actually a chef, it adds to the look. I know on a two year old adult sized clothing would be massive on the child, she would be swimming in the clothes. But really the fact that this is a chefs outfit, why not? It would add to the fun.

As you can see she really got into character……….

Considering I put the spawn in a chefs costume I wanted to join in as something to match up with her. So instead of just getting a larger chefs costume I figured I could dress up as food. So I went with the most simple costume……A COOKIE!!! I know there are many different ways to make a cookie costume but I wanted to keep it simple and cheap to make.

Cookie Costume 


What You Need:

2x large brown or cream colour card (I used cream)

Scissors or Knife


1x A3 Paper (any colour)

1x Brown Marker

What you do:

  1. Outline the round cookie shape on both of the Cream card and cut out- it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle. I made mine look lumpy so it looked a bit ore like a cookie
  2. Draw some chocolate chips with your marker on the cream card, any shapes would be fine
  3. Cut the A3 paper in half (long ways) and glue the strips onto the cookie cutout – these will be what holds it up
  4. Put it on and strut your stuff you hot cookie you

Yes I’m aware that this would look a little ghetto…..but at least its an affordable costume to rock and have fun making – also; I know I could have dressed as the chef but I wanted the fun costume to go to the little one. 


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