So Ive seen a few MUMS or MOMS movies were the mums seem to have these awesome nights out and they have them quite regularly with their mum friends. I have never had one of these nights in the two years of being a mum. So having a mums day out was well overdue.

In June this year my friend who I have known since I was about 12 years old turned 30, unfortunately I was on a cruise with the family so I didn’t really get a chance to take her out for a drink to celebrate. Considering she’s also a mother and works full time she doesn’t get many chances to go out child free, she didn’t even throw a 30th Birthday bash (I honestly don’t blame her planning an adult party is crap) . We’ve always wanted to go to a High Tea together just to say we have done it and it seems like a nice afternoon to catch up, so what I did was shout her a High Tea in Melbourne CBD (she lives an hour away ) and I arranged her transport to and from the City so it was something she didn’t have to worry about.

After going through Melbourne’s best High Teas on Google I came across the Madame Brussels Garden Party. Sure there are so many High Teas in Melbourne but I wanted something for us that we won’t feel out of place and uncomfortable while there and I didn’t want to go to a high tea that would cost hundreds considering you get little finger food FUCK THAT! Madame Brussels is actually a cocktail bar and I have been there before, its a cute little set up with all of the staff dressed up like they are tennis players and the whole set up is an outdoor indoor setup. The decor is more of a vintage garden party feel with a balcony that you can enjoy your cocktails on.

Now this day, was an event. Due to us really not ever having really any days away from the husbands and kids at the same time it was extremely rare and we wanted to make the most of it. So we were in full glam mode : hair, makeup, nails and outfits were put together perfectly making sure we ditched they lazy “I rolled out of bed and put whatever was on the ground ” look.

Now we planned it to be at 12pm, perfect middle of the day not too late date. We thought it gave us plenty of time to be ready and be on time…..we were 10 mintlate due to the shitty Melbourne traffic! But it didn’t phase the staff (thank god!) they sat us down at a table outside on the balcony in the shade, which was good being a really sunny day I would have been red raw by the end of it because of my vampire skin. Shorty after they seated us they bought over a cocktail jug! It was a pimms cocktail with a mixture of fruits inside, perfect for the beautiful sunny day. Mind you I forgot my sunglasses….idiot! I won’t go to much into detail about the foods, they were just a selection of finger foods which were delicious by the way. But we went through all of the finger food served to us and enjoyed our tea outside. After our high tea was done we went in search of somewhere else to enjoy a cocktail in the sun. Which isn’t that hard really being in Melbourne CBD.

We stopped by at two rooftop bars in Melbourne after Madame Brussels. One of which was up six flights of stairs, we were too impatient to wait for the lifts….when we reached the top we regretted climbing all of those stairs. But when leaving we got the lift down wasn’t going to make the same sweaty mistake again. But we enjoyed sitting outside while enjoying a few cocktails and glasses of wine, having some laughs and enjoying not having to run across a room to stop a 2 year old from doing something potentially dangerous. We headed home at 5:30pm so we had a decent amount of hours to enjoys being child and husband free. It wasn’t about partying of getting wasted it was about actually having an adult conversation and not having to worry about someone else for a change.

A mums day or night out is defiantly needed for all mums. It doesn’t have to be a massive event (although most of us will make it an event even if its for coffee) and it doesn’t have to involve alcohol. These day or nights out should be just time with your girlfriends without the kids or the significant others. Its a time to be yourself and not be wearing your mum or wife (or girlfriend) hat, this is the time to be you and enjoy some time to re-boot and feel a bit like a human again.

Now Ive had my social time with an adult (other than the hubs) I feel like I can physically and mentally take on whatever is thrown at me, because I feel like I’m myself again. I feel like me and not just a mum and wife, I feel like an individual.

Alright Im off too  have a coffee/ milk date with a 2 year old




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