Summer Lovin Cocktail 

About five years ago I tried to make up a cocktail which included watermelon, it didn’t go too well. I mixed up this concoction that was so chunky and it just looked like I had thrown up into the blender. Needless to say it put me off for a few years to try again. But I figured since I have a new blender, I may try again. 

I find watermelon goes well with pineapple (but really a lot can go with pineapple it’s so tasty) I wanted to make a really fruity cocktail that’s really really easy and that gave you a bit of a summer feeling. 


1 cup watermelon

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1 cup pineapple

2 shots coconut rum

1 cup Moscato

Blend up the fruit and rum until nice and smooth, pour in a glass and fill up the remainder of the glass with the Prosecco. Decorate as you please, I used an umbrella- who doesn’t love an umbrella in their cocktail.


Please note: it does tend to froth up when you blend it up


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