Game Night

It’s Saturday night the toddler is at her aunts house. We’re free!!! Soooo what to do? Go out and party? Go to a movie? Naaa lets just stay home with our cheap wine and have our own game night. That’s right guys a game night. I know I sound like an old fart right now but occasionally a game night his pretty good, as long as you have the right games, food and of course drinks.

So our game night began with a selection of chicken wings and dipping sauce for dinner with a lot of chips and dip. As you can tell I love eating like a cave woman chicken wings, ribs basically any meat with good dippy sauce you sold me….I’m every vegans nightmare. So after we ate and cleaned up (wing obviously are wicked messy) we hit the PlayStation. No we didn’t need out on CALL OF DUTY or whatever killing game is in. We played the HASBRO FAMILY FUN PACK, which consists of a fair few classic board games like monopoly. We didn’t want to spend the whole night playing so we played Trivial Pursuit (which is my favourite).  I know you can play the board game but playing it on the PS4 is pretty fun,  especially when your winning and your character is dancing around without your control don’t you be a bad winner without having to be an obvious bad winner.

We then moved onto the 90s TRIVIA BOX. I fount this one day at Kmart white I was waiting in line at the checkout. One of my no-regrets checkout purchases. Basically it’s just you ask questions regarding the 90s. There’s more to it obviously, but I’m not here to explain in depth the rules of the game (if your hanging to know tell me or just buy the game) but anyway being a 90s kid I thought FUCK YES I will ace this shit. Well I remembered some things but obviously I need to brush up on my 90s history…..because I lost horribly.

Our final game was CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. I got his game as a Christmas gift about 2 years ago. I originally found out about it from a friend who played it one drunken night with her roommates, she said it was a great game- perfect for someone with a bit of a sick sense of humour like myself. This game was great! I wish I could play this more….but the roommates I live with aren’t always up for it. Ones a two year old who can’t sit still, the others is a four legged creature who likes licking her butt and the other is a 31 year old who wants to just watch a movie or grab my boobs. So when I have people who actually want to play it’s a good time for me. The whole time I was in hysterics at the stupid combinations I had for my cards.

The final game was…….who can stay awake the longest. This involves a lot of cheap wine and sitting in bed watching NETFLIX until you fall asleep, the first one asleep loses..It was a draw for who lost.

So as much as it is great to let lose when you have a child free night, sometimes it’s even better just to chill out at home with your cheap booze, plenty of food and no lines to the bathroom.

If anyone has any questions about any of the games I’ve mentioned don’t hesitate to ask. Until then I have an episode of Man Vs Food that requires my full attention (I’ve seen this series so many times but I love my food porn).



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