DIY Hair F**K UPS – volume 1


I admit it sometimes when I’m being slack when working out I just go for a little stroll on the treadmill and cruise through YOUTUBE for entertaining videos. Right now my guilty pleasure is watching the hair DIY fails, just due to the fact that they are so horrible that you cannot help but wet yourself laughing at other people misfortune. Now these are also funny because I can relate to these horrible fuck ups as I myself am guilty of having a DIY hair disaster.

It was back around when I was 21 and EXTREMELY stupid, I had black hair (was going through a phase when I thought black hair would look classy on me……I looked like a goth with no eyebrows) and I wanted to go back to blonde. But I didn’t just want to go to blonde I wanted to go to white blonde! If any hairdressers are reading this would be able to tell this isn’t going to end well. So anyway back then I thought “hey Ive had my hair done before it looks easy to do, just plop a shit load of bleach in my hair and its done”. My sister who I was talking to at the time, she had naturally dark hair and she managed to go very light blonde.Now mind you she had done it herself and I should have taken more notice of the state of her hair. It was so damaged it looked and felt like straw, plus her once thick hair wasn’t a thick as it used to be and was pretty thin. But i obviously had tunnel vision and thought I WANT TO BE BLONDE!

So my sister, my friend and I were at my grandmas house talking about it and that when we decided to do my hair then and there. We thought well put the colour in my hair wrap it up and drive to my place (which was 20 minutes away) so then I didn’t have to sit around waiting. My sister mixed up the colour, which was bleach and volume she got from a hair supplies store and she didn’t really know much about the formula to mix it but she just took a random guess. I let her put it on my head, all good. Hair wrapped up and I drove in one car and my friend and sister followed in his car behind me. I had made it to the end of my grandmas street and my head started to BURN. It was on fire! I figured hey it should be fine. IDIOT!

So I proceeded to drive home with my head on fire, people pulling up beside me giving me strange looks because my hair was wrapped up in glad wrap. The second I got to my house I ran into the shower FUCK WAITING. I jumped in the shower fully clothed screaming for the pain to stop my friend ran in and poured milk on my head. Funny fact I didn’t know that pouring milk on your head was actually a good thing, I thought he was just grabbing the first cold drink he could see in the fridge. So after the colour washed out and I washed my hair and my head was feeling better…..I looked in the mirror. My hair was orange!


When I say orange I mean ORANGE! it was if I took a highlighter to my head. My scalp was red raw and my hair was so dry and like straw it was almost impossible to brush. Fortunately I still had my hair and didn’t end up bald, I missed out on that happening- but if I left the colour in longer it most likely would have been a different story. So I looked like a hot mess with floor orange hair. Now if you have a hair disaster you’d more than likely want to hide yourself away from the world until it can be fixed. Not me. I had a friends party that night and I went still but thought id be clever and rock a beanie over my hair covering all traces of my DIY disaster. I looked like a cancer patient. People were convinced I had shaved my hair because of how well I put all of my hair in the hat. It wasn’t until my boyfriend arrived and thought I was being goofy had pulled my hat off my head exposing my hair disaster to everyone (he wasn’t aware I had tried to give my hair a makeover) and i was know as carrot top for an entire month.

I eventually went to a professional to fix my hair, I did get a few stern words about doing my hair myself and how lucky I was not to lose all of my hair. But she fixed it. I wasn’t able to go light blonde for a very long time because my hair was so damaged and they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t do anything more to damage it.

For a whole year I had what looked like naturally red hair, Id gone from orange to a red head. Having red hair isn’t a bad thing I think a lot of red heads are stunning- my daughter has red hair, that sadly looks like its fading to a lighter colour  (noooo) . But I don’t look good with red hair (or black) I find I look ill, it doesn’t suit me what so ever. So I had no choice but to have this hair colour while I was trying to get my hair healthy again.My hair is ok now after many years later, its nice and healthy and is the colour I wanted. Thanks to my lovely hairdressers and me trusting my hair in their professional hands.

So everyone thinking of doing their hair themselves DONT!! Save it for the professionals. It might seem like a good idea at the time because you’re saving money by not going to a salon but in the end you’re not. You will more than likely have to pay more to get your hair fixed than it would have cost to just get a professional to do it in the first place. Take this as my word of warning…….




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