Who to AVOID at the Christmas Party

It’s reaching the silly season, where the end of the work year is coming in quickly and we’re ready to celebrate. The Work Christmas party is usually we’re you and your co workers can let lose and talk outside of work. BUT, there are people you need to avoid to make sure you enjoy your night and not have any nasty repercussions……well besides maybe a hangover.


This lovely individual obviously got a bit too excited at the thought of drinking and socialising and pre games HARD before they got to the Christmas party. This person is a little to friendly and excited about seeing people they see every day. They tend to want to get everyone to the same level they are at so they usually feed you shots or force you to down your drink quickly. Warning though as fun as they can be they can also make you get wasted quickly and end up head in a toilet bowl.


This is just a lost cause guys, avoid this one at all costs unless you want to play parent for the evening. This is usually the OVERBOARD PREGAMER that’s continued to slam down drinks. It can also be the person whose tried to keep up with heavy drinkers even though it’s no secret they are a lightweight.


The gossip is the office gossip that no matter what time of year she/he has the goss. Sure it’s entertaining at times. But at the Christmas season they go into overdrive. So unless you want the whole office to know about you passing out on the toilet I’d avoid talking to this individual and basically trying to not give them any ammunition to gossip about you.


This person has no issue throwing anyone under the bus in order to get ahead. They usually will let it slip you had a bit too much to the boss.


Sure this might seem a good idea to hang out with the boss to try get a bit ahead. But if alcohol is involved sometimes it can do more harm than good. If you’ve had a few too many you may end up making a dick out of yourself or the boss might have had a few and might end up forgetting the entire conversation or even that you were there.

Just avoid these individuals and you will for sure have a great evening 



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