Adult Christmas Games

It’s that time of year again. When the malls get insanely busy and everyone becomes an A HOLE. Because I’m usually the Merry person that’s always polite at Christmas , I figured why not stoop to their level and be a bit of an asshole myself. So I created a few games for adults to enjoy the insanity that Christmas brings and frankly Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love, why not do these games with all of them. Wine is always encouraged to be consumed when participating with these games’


GAME: Carpark game


  • Busy car park (best to go to a shopping centre on a weekend)
  • A car


Head to your car after shopping, make sure you have a car stalking you for your spot. Get to your car put your shopping in hop in the drivers seat sit there. Make sure the other cars indicators flashing, wait for a minute. Then get out of the car and head back in to continue shopping.

Perfect game to play if your in the mood for being a dick and have loads of time to waste.


GAME: Adult Tantrum


  • A busy store
  • A willing significant other


Head into a busy store with your significant other and pick up an item and ask for it, get the significant other to say no (you see where this is going). Once they say no channel your inner brat and throw a big ass tantrum in the store. Try to keep tract of how many people stare. Best to do this in multiple store so you can score the uncomfortable stares.

This is a great couples game, challenge each other for who can throw the worst tantrum and get the most stares.


GAME: Gifted Wrapped White Trash


  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Sticky tape
  • A few friends


Create the most fashionable wrapping paper outfit using wrapping paper.

This is a great game to get all the buddies involved in and you can see who will make the slutty wrapping outfit….even better once wine is involved

Hope these will provide some entertainment for you .


and remember……






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