Gift ideas for the gift giver who is lazy as F**k


Christmas is the time of year that everyone all of a sudden becomes INSANE! Every shopping centre is flooded with aggressive adults rushing around and children throwing tantrums around every corner. Its enough to make anyone want to stay home and not venture out into the world until the Christmas period is over. BUT WAIT! You do have to venture out into the world to go out and get gifts for all of the family and friends, because no one can tell you what they want for christmas in October.

So with all of this chaos plus preparing for Christmas Day it becomes a bit draining and all you want to do is lay on the couch watching trash TV, drinking wine and eating your weight in fruit mince pies. With all of the mental people preparing its seems like too much of an effort to go out into the world and not to mention it becomes even harder when the person you are buying a gift for pulls the “ohhh I don’t mind just get me whatever” line. NO! Overtime people say this line I know they know what they want but they just don’t want to say it . Then it becomes a guessing game, and frankly you always end up spending heaps of money on a gift they hate.

So Ive made up a list of a few ideas for gifts for the people are lazy as fuck and just want Christmas over and done with…….



These are a lifesaver! You can buy these at the supermarket and they have a large range for many many stores and even sell a VISA gift card which works as a credit card. These are great so then the person receiving can actually buy what they want and not get a gift they aren’t too keen on.



This is a gift more for the females (or the men who are really into their skin and candle products).  The bonus is the packaging is usually really beautiful and requires just a simple bow on top to add to it.



Anything that could make them have a giggle is always great, whether it being a coffee mug or magnet or T-shirt. It could even be something that represents an event or someones quirks or personality. Its not too hard to find anything like this you can get a gag gift pretty much anywhere and don’t have to break the bank. The great part is it won’t hurt your brain to figure out what to get.



I mean really this is a super easy one. Since your at the liquor shop anyway getting your holiday drinks why not get one extra bottle. Most bottle shops sell gift bags with cards too so your pretty much sorted without having to go to several stores. Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine given to them.


I like giving gifts to my loved ones when they are straight up with what they want for Christmas. Well as long as its not ridiculously expensive. Or something illegal. Not to mention I’m a total freak, I love to wrap gifts. Only because I’m an absolute perfectionist and have to have gift looking so perfectly wrapped you would think its off of a Pinterest board.

Well happy hunting for Christmas gifts kids



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