NEW YEARS EVE is upon us! Time to pop the Champagne and say goodbye to 2017. Now while everyone else is preparing to party the night away drinking over-priced alcohol in glamorous but uncomfortable outfits. Me, well I’m planing to spend the night in my comfy pants drinking cheap wine and binging on Netflix.

I could go out, but theres the big thing, getting a baby sitter on New Years Eve would be near impossible and the fact that Im saving my partying for VEGAS! I mean really who wants to have a massive hangover with a toddler around? NOT ME! But I’d rather ring in the New Year in the comfort of my own home with the two people I love.

2017 in reflection……..

This year has been full of ups and downs, adventures and creating new friendships. Its amazing how fast the time has gone. One thing Im pretty proud of is the fact I went on my first Cruise (considering I am not a fan of boats) and another thing is Ive been to two High Teas (considering I’m not fancy and probably borderline white trash).

As for my New Year resolution……

I’ve done the standard resolution that I give up on by January 3rd, you know the usual ones like “I’m going to lose weight” “I’m going to save money” blah blah blah . I never keep them so I think it’s pointless to bother making a resolution and I might as well just look forward to what 2018 will bring.

Well time to go enjoy the remaining hours of 2017.



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