My Cringeworthy Experiences

One of my closest friends recently became single (by recently I mean over the last two months) and to get over the breakup she wanted to just get out there and have a bit of fun. Well, her time single hasn’t panned out as she had expected. She has had a few weirdos after her as well as some cringeworthy moments. After a few very very long phone calls with my girlfriend, basically trying to talk her off the ledge. It got me thinking why not share my cringe worthy moments I had when I was younger- really it’s been long enough now I can look back a laugh.

Now this is an experience I encountered with my first boyfriend, we were about 17. You know we were young, first relationships, first loves and err few other firsts (you following me). Any way he was a very affectionate guy, not that I have a problem with people showing affection at all in fact I encourage it. But he was very much into VERY CHEEZY acts of affection. I think because I was his first girlfriend so he didn’t really have much to go by so he was going by things he saw in movies. Correction ROM-COM’s.

So he went through this phase when he would record himself singing to love songs and sending them to me anytime of the day. I could be at work or school or with my friends and I would receive a tone deaf love ballad, which really was him shouting into the phone- it would sound terrible considering I had a shitty NOKIA phone, you know one of the first ones with a camera on it too.

So not only was the sound and image grainy I also had a tone deaf song sent to me. In a way you could think its sweet, BUT these were always sent to me usually while I was at work or with friends. So I would be getting excited to get a photo sent to me of him only to open it to see a recording of him singing Whitney Houstons I will always love you at the top of his lungs.

Needless to say this was a first relationship and it didn’t last – not because of the singing.




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