Another Cringeworthy Experience

Yes everyone I have yet another Cringeworthy experience to share with you all. I have a lot. This is another one with someone I dated who was a bit well…..different with how he wanted to express himself towards me.

So I was dating a guy who decided a very unique way to do something ummm sweet for me. So what happened was I was out having a coffee with my mum and I received a text from the guy I was seeing. it read ” Hey I got a special surprise for you”. I absolutely hate it when people tell me they have something for me and tell me I have to wait to get it. I prefer when people just surprise me with the gift or gesture rather than tell me I’m going to get it. Getting off topic, so I wrote back “what is it send me a pic”. He told me he couldn’t send me a photo because he wanted to give it to me in person that night. So when I saw him that night I was ready for the surprise…..what was the surprise your wondering. Well he had shaved all of his pubic hair apart from a small patch which he had shaved into a G for me.

I will never forget his face when he dropped his pants to show me what he had done. He was so proud of himself and was acting as if he had bought me an expensive luxury car.I guess in a way I’m kind of impressed he was able to shave a G out of his public hairs. But my face said it all…pure shock! All I could bring myself to say was “awww your so sweet” , really I was trying to hold back laughing hysterically.

I mean seriously, the guy shaved my initial out of his pubes!!

It took every bit of strength not to piss myself laughing into his face. I did hold it in until I got into the car then laughed the whole 15 minute drive home. Then as I played in bed……I laughed a bit more.

The relationship obviously didn’t last, but it was a learning moment for me. Be prepared for any crazy manscaping…


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