Cheers to 30 years 

Well it’s happened today. I turned 30. I’m officially out of my 20s and entering a new era, older but non the bit wiser. When I was 18 I never knew why people on TV or in Movies would act all dramatic about turning 30, I still don’t. Turning 30 to me isn’t a bad thing it feels like another birthday really.

Fun Fact: I share the same Birthday as Scottish poet Robbie Burns, born January 25th 1759. I only know this because my Grandma is Scottish and every year my dad tries to feed me Haggis to celebrate. 

Sure it is a big birthday, but I don’t get why. When I turned 18 it meant I could legally drink, vote and that I could get my Probationary Drivers Licence, so turning 18 is a big thing. Turning 21 would usually mean you would be seen as an adult and usually you would be coming off of your probationary license and be a full licensed driver (thats obviously changed now with the new licensing, they get it later). Also if your traveling to USA you can drink. But I don’t get why 30 is a big birthday, what are we celebrating besides leaving our 20’s ?

Its a milestone! Your now seen as an adult. Yes I know Ive been an adult since I turned 20/21, but for some reason people (especially older people) don’t really regard you as an adult. I don’t know why this is but I’m guessing whenever anyone thinks of any 20-year old they think of a young party animal who isn’t really interested in relationships or anything serious professionally. Either way I’ve made it to thirty in one piece YAY!

Well anyway I’m now in the 30 zone and Im not afraid to share it. Because in a few days I will be heading off to the States for some celebrations, Im just having a low key birthday with the family. Have some cake……and of course a glass of wine or maybe a LAZY COLADA.



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