Well its that time…Im packed an ready. Why? Well tomorrow I’ll be heading off on my trip to the States for my Birthday trip, DIRTY 30 OHHHH YEAH! I’m feeling very emotional right now.

The main reason being leaving my little lady at home. I’ve never been away from her more tha 24 hours. She usually stays at a relatives from 4pm until 11am (on average give or take) so it’s not really a long period. So I’m getting pretty miserable about leaving my spawn for this long. I know she’ll be in great hands and I know many parents who have done the same thing, but I can’t help feeling like I’m doing the wrong thing having a holiday away.

Moving on from my misery while I’m away things will be pretty quiet, but once I get back I’ll share details from my trip away and what I did and post some shots. Ill try to share while Im away but most likely won’t so best to say when I get back.

Ok now I’m of to get my hair done to get I looking nice and fresh then I’m going to start one of my millions upon millions of cuddles and kisses for my little one before I go.



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