Valentines Day Characters

Valentines Day is almost amongst us. The one time of year when people get all loved up and really this is a day for the ladies, in the way that the guy has to show emotion and love for one day. In the return. Majority of the time. Us ladies will put out, if they did well. In my years I have come across a few types of people that come out of the shadows on Valentines day…..

The Social Media couple:

The day doesn’t mean shit if it hasn’t been posted, every second of the date is posted online with photos that were obviously well thought out on how it would look.

The Vulgar couple:

This is the couple that have no filter and enjoy dirty jokes with each other. The hubs and I are guilty of being this couple. This is the couple that gets the X rated card or the card with the dirty joke on it “To my LO_E , you get the V later” 

The OVER the top couple:

The couple that splashes out heaps of money on gifts to an insane degree, you know the couple…..the guy floods the girls house with flowers and teddies.

The sad single:

Come on we all know this one, the person that posts non stop about Valentine’s Day in the lead up about how lonely they will be blah blah blah. They are lonely every day what’s one extra day really?

The GIRL POWER single:

This is a single that raves on that they don’t need a man to be happy and try to arrange singles parties and refers to it as GALENTINES DAY, we all know you just want a man to appear with a bit bouquet of roses for you.

The couple that forgot:

I really don’t know how you could forget this day all of the stores are jamming this day down your throats trying to sell shit

The couple that gets engaged:

Cliche…..I mean come on have your own day guys

The couple that need to just end it: 

This is the couple that obviously need to call it quits! They obviously don’t want to be around each other or even be out in public together, but they are out at a fancy restaurant having dinner because society dictates it.

The Single Sleaze 

This is the guy to stay clear of ladies! He hangs out in places were all the sad singles go to have a drink with friends to forget the fact they are single. This guy likes to tell ladies everything they want to hear in order to get some sumfin sumfin .




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