Well I did it, I had celebrated my 30th birthday in Las Vegas. The whole trip was a memorable experience and it will stay with me for many years. I not going to lie it was  extremely hard leaving the baby (well she’s not a baby anymore) I seriously thought I was fine when my parents came up and collected her. It wasn’t until we were taking off from Melbourne airport that it clicked I was actually leaving her and I cried. Yes sir I cried while taking off. Lucky people didn’t think twice about it, other passengers probably thought I was a nervous flyer by looking at me losing it.

Our trip started off with good luck, the flight wasn’t filled and there was heaps of empty chairs, and by heaps I mean whole isles. So once we had taken off and the seatbelt sign was off we were able to move to the spare seats and stretch out. We were on the 3 seater isle and had no one between us so we could stretch out a bit. Not as much as some other people but it was a lot more room. Unfortunately we both didn’t sleep the whole flight just because neither of us felt comfortable sleeping sitting up (divas).


After our long ass flight to LA we started our road trip to Vegas. I’m not going to repeat my road trip – head to my ROAD TRIP blog to check that out. We stayed at TREASURE ISLAND hotel and casino for our trip, we wanted to stay at a different area of the strip since we’ve stayed at NEW YORK NEW YORK and PLANET HOLLYWOOD on our previous trips.

So when we were checking we were determined to try the $20 sandwich trick everyone had told us to try in order to get a room upgrade (when checking in you put a $20 bill between your ID and credit card and ask the check in staff if there is any possibility for a room upgrade). I was so nervous about trying this but you know what, IT WORKED!!!!! The staff member gave us a room on the second highest floor WITH a strip view. No extra charge – well $20 that it. As we were being handed our keys the check in staff asked us if we were celebrating anything while in Vegas, when we told him we were celebrating my birthday he then told us he was sending up a complimentary bottle of champagne up to our room. Talk about amazing customer service!

Seriously try the room upgrade guys!


When we got up to our room I was blown away. The view was amazing and it was so roomy compared to the small rooms we had in the past. I know some people might look at our room and think MEH, but to me this room was fantastic! Sure Treasure Island is a bit older than some of the other hotels on the strip, but so what I was happy with our choice. Anyway you’d think that considering we have had a long ass flight followed by a long drive that we would just want to chill in our hotel room and call it a night. NO FUCKING WAY ! We showered and cleaned ourselves up and headed out to enjoy some adventures on the strip. We of course went to FAT TUESDAY for a drink to walk around with. In the times we have been to Vegas I have never bought a drink from there so this was definitely a must for the trip. I didn’t get one of this big ass yard glasses because I didn’t want to get sick of the drink and have to walk around with a big cup – so I went for the disposable cup that made me look like a just bought a frozen drink from Starbucks or 7Eleven.

We did think we were out that late while walking the strip the first night. We just wanted to suss out a few places we researched so we knew where they were when it came time to going to them later on in the week. We ate dinner at IN N OUT BURGER, yes I finally got try try this and the burger was definitely worth the hype! The fries on the other hand I wasn’t really a fan of, but the burger OH it was good. It wasn’t until I actually looked at the time I realised it was 12am! I honestly thought it was 9pm but fuck you really have no concept of time. So in our tipsy state (yeah we threw back a few drinks) we stumbled back to our room and called it a night. The next morning I got up around 9ish and went for a workout at the hotel gym. Yes Im on holidays but I need something from my routine to keep me in a good mood otherwise Im a fowl bitch. When I got back I got showered and glamed up and we headed to the outlet mall.

We went to the North Outlet Mall, we’ve been to both but I found this one better plus its outdoors. I honestly had to high hopes to buy heaps here, Id actually made a bit of a mental list on exactly what I wanted to buy but only was a bit let down because I didn’t really find anything I wanted. I think every other time Ive been I haven’t really had anything in mind that I wanted to buy and just bought whatever. I did make a stop at the Disney Store and made a few purchases for the little lady at home and I bought some perfume and a few cosmetics samples.

Oh this was the highlight of our trip to the mall. While the husband was buying some shoe cleaner for his brand new Nikes I was just standing there staring at people walking by (most likely mentally making moment about them – we all do it when were bored). A girl with her friends was walking and playing with her phone oblivious to anything around her, walks into a pole making the loudest bang. It got everyones attention. She was mortified, the strangest thing was she checked her phone was ok first before making sure her face wasn’t bruised. So while everyone else was looking in shock I was on the ground pissing myself laughing at her – only because it is a pet hate of mine when people are constantly on their phones while walking. You can text quickly but there is not need to Facebook or something like that while you are walking.

We headed back after about and hour and a half at the mall and went straight to the Fashion Show Mall across the street to Treasure Island. I went a bit mad at Sephora and Forever 21 (they had heaps of my style tops). After my shopping trip I made a detour to CVS on the way back to our room to get some PRE Game booze and some band aids. I thought we could have a few drinks before we head out that night and i needed some bandaids because being such a little diva I wanted to wear some wedges the first night and of course not a good idea doing as much walking as I did in wedges. Walking in dressy flats the following day didn’t help my situation either.

We were all done up for the night and ready for an evening out on the town. We went out to El-Segundo for dinner (after a stop at FAT TUESDAY of course). I was hanging for this all day, I love my Mexican food- this did not disappoint. After dinner we both felt so fucking stuffed we were contemplating going back to the room to die, but like champs we walked it off. We of course made some stops at some bars on our trails. We ended the night at the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan. A place I wanted to go just because everyone kept raving on about it. We had one drink there, one. It was a nice place to go but I honestly think the tiredness caught up with us and we just needed to go to bed.

We were walking through the Cosmopolitan to get back on the strip when my husband suggested we catch a cab back. To us it felt lazy because we like to walk everywhere when on holidays. But that particular night, Ive never wanted to get in a cab more! My feet were wrecked from my shoes (yes I didn’t learn my lesson and wore those wedges again) and I was trying to keep a brave face but I think it said it all when he suggested and I was so quick to answer yes. We got back to our room and just collapsed on the bed. Us calling it a night was definitely a good idea because it gave us a big rest and we were feeling amazing the next day. Ready for some shenanigans……

I’ll leave it here for now stay tuned for PART 2 of my Vegas Adventure. If you want to hear more about some of the bars I mentioned take a look at my DRINKING VEGAS TOURIST BLOG.




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