After surviving our drunken evening that ended with us arriving home in the wee hours of the morning. We had a whole day of lazing around to recover. This entire day we payed there wondering if we should give up alcohol for good (yeah that’s not going to happen) and how trashed our bodies where from that night. I’m still cringing when I think about how rotten I felt that day. But I know we survived and can remember most of the hilarious moments from that night.

After our recovery day we went off to explore and basically get as much of Vegas in us while we still could since we only had a few days left. We started off venturing at the WYNN and ENCORE hotels since in the times we have been to Vegas we have never stepped foot in either of these hotels. Well I could see why I’ve never stepped foot in either of these hotels, they were beautiful! My white trash ass stood out so bad in these classy places. I loved the flowers display with the merry go round made entirely out of flowers. God I wish I had a green thumb. Both hotels had a lot of displays for the Year Of The Dog celebrations. Perfect choice for the dog, I LOVE ROLLY DOGS! I did feel like these hotels were definitely high end and I knew would not be one that I would stay at in my lifetime.

After our little look around the Wynn and Encore we headed off to the LINQ to ride the HIGHROLLER. Like I mentioned in my Drunken Vegas Tourist blog I’m not into Ferris wheels. Too slow, too boring, not enough thrill. But this is probably the only one I would ride voluntarily since it had a fucking bar in the cart! The overall ride takes about 30minutes, which wasn’t to bad . Enjoying cocktails while you can look at the Vegas view, not bad. It did creep me out how the HighRoller just constantly goes around and you have to jump quickly on it. I was expecting my clumsy ass to stack it and miss the platform (they had a safety net if someone did fall) but lucky I didn’t. I even managed to jump from the cart to the platform while holding a cocktail (skills baby) .

After capturing a heap of photos and acting like teenagers constantly embracing each other on the HighRoller we went stopped for a few drinks at a few bars before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We wanted to try the SEAFOOD SHACK which was actually in our hotel (Treasure Island if you forgot). I do like my seafood, but I’m extremely picky about it and so is the hubs. I hate it when you get a pile of deep fried seafood that tastes like shit you bought out of a freezer section at the supermarket. I want fresh stuff! If it’s cooked with spices I want it to taste amazing. Well, we got just that. We ordered the Clam Bake between us (sorry no photo, we were super hungry and it was just soo good I couldn’t stop for one photo) and we slammed that shit. It was fresh seafood cooked in spices with vegetables and some chorizo cut up with it. It was so good no joke I was eating the juice as if it was soup. Since the seafood filled us up but not to the point where we were going to be sick and have to call it a night we went off to hangout at the Mirage.

We didn’t want to go too far this night we just wanted a chilled night and get to bed at a semi decent hour. We sat at one of the bars in the casino and enjoyed a few drinks and chatted about our plans for the year (the booze obviously gave us confidence to have a serious conversation) after a few drinks we thought we might go to Caesars to sit and have a few before we headed back. Well we didn’t make it to Caesars, as we were walking out of the Mirage we came across Rhumbar . It was an outdoor bar that there seemed to look pretty comfortable. We just thought why not try here.

So we were seated and handed menus, which included a cigar and hookah menu. We were in a cigar and hookah bar! My husband was excited about this, being a smoker he was happy he could sit and enjoy a cigarette and try out a cigar rom a selection. I went and tried a hookah, Im not a smoker but I’ve always wanted to try one and the fact that they made it Pina Colada we I was sold! After a few drinks, a few laughs and a few puffs we headed back to our room, pretty good for us we followed through with our promise and went back at a semi decent hour.

We woke up early the next day. It was our last full day in Vegas and we had made sure we get a few last things done. So after my morning workout we headed to the buffet (makes sense workout then stuff my face) for brunch. I gotta say I was expecting more, I mean it was just a buffet it didn’t seen all that different from one Ive been to in Melbourne. But hey we did it. We then headed of to VIVA LAS VEGAS WEDDING CHAPEL to renew our wedding vows. We renewed our vows on our one year anniversary it only made sense to do it again for our 5 years. So there I was prancing around Vegas in a cocktail dress at midday (people probably thought i was a low class hooker). But we did it. it was amazing to know that we survived 5 years marriage. We had our names up on display in lights on a big sign out front of the chapel when we were done which of course we had to get many photos of.

Before heading back to our hotel to get me out of my cocktail dress we made a quick detour to the PAWN STARS store. Everywhere I went the ticket were sold out, which i thought was pretty weird but hey its a good show. So I only managed to get pics of the front of the store unfortunately. After realising how far we were from our hotel the hubs called a cab, his words exactly “FUCK WALKING, Im not exercising anymore while in vegas”. I was shattered we didn’t get a chance to go to the shooting range but we ended up having some dramas with organising it so we had to gave it a miss.

We finally made it back to the room so I could change and not feel so overdressed for  that time of day. Once changed I started the pain in the ass task of packing before we headed out for dinner and the show. Oh didn’t share what show we went to, we been to Cirque Du Soleil – Zummanity on our previous trip. We wanted to try a different show. Then we came across a comedy show at the MGM featuring Marlon Wayans! Both of us are big fans of the Wayans, they are so funny and it was crazy that he was in vegas because the night before we flew out WHITE CHICKS and SCAREY MOVIE were being played on TV. It had to be a sign.

The show also featured Jay Pharaoh from SNL and Deray Davis. This show was a great first comedy show for me! Ive been to the Comics Lounge in Melbourne with friends, but they aren’t with anyone that I really want to see. Its usually up and coming comics and without fail overtime a comic I do want to see is coming to Melbourne , the show is either sold out or Ive just missed it. So this was a big deal for me. I couldn’t fault the whole show I head tears. I couldn’t understand why people were walking out half way through, Im assuming someone got offended (its pretty easy to do these days). There is something else, this same woman was yelling out to Marlon like she wanted to share her life story about how she was gay and that she was a woman. Im sorry you are at a comedy show you don’t need to share that, we are here for jokes not your life story. I held my tongue I didn’t want to come across as offensive or a bitch. After the show we headed back to the hotel, we didn’t want to stay out any longer, being a Friday night it was packed with people!

Im serious with the how packed it was, of course being Vegas all the girls were dressed up to party with there boobs out on show, not shaming the showing of the boobs I’ve just never seen so many girls in the one place with their boobs on display. Ive never seen so many types of boobs! There was small, big, very small, saggy, fake, stuffed, all types. It was like I was in a boob forrest! But we headed in and took one last look out our hotel window at night of the Vegas Strip and went to sleep.

The next morning we were up and dressed at 6am ready to go on to our next adventure. I was a bit sad to leave Vegas but I think if we stayed any longer I would have gotten sick of the place for sure. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of drinks and it was a great way to spend my birthday celebration. We collected our rental car and headed to LA were we would spend a few days before heading back to Melbourne.

I first of all want to say sorry for the delays in my blogs, with being away it put me behind with a lot of work and catching up plus toilet training a toddler Ive had a lot on my plate. I hope you have enjoyed my Vegas Shenanigans I will be posting some LA blogs very soon.



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