Road Trip to the 1950s for Breakfast

After our road trip to Vegas from LA we decided to also drive from Vegas to LA. After non stop partying, not a smart move. IDIOTS! So we noticed on the way to Vegas there was a lot of billboards advertising PEGGY SUES DINER. We were very intrigued. On the way back my lovely husband was beyond tired and giving me the most stressful ride of my life with him in his tired state becoming a road hazard. We needed to stop immediately so he could get a coffee and some breakfast, you no so he wakes up and we don’t well die.

So we went to Peggy Sues. The second you walk in, you can enjoy the classic diner experience. The place is decked out with classic memorabilia and with the staff in the classic waitress uniforms you see in the movies, it was definitely an experience. When I think of a diner on the side of the highway I think of all of the ones with shit deep fried food that’s sitting in a Bain Marie, that’s well over a few hours old or a dingy place that serves food poisoning (we all know the type of place we’re you look at the food and think to yourself, yep tomorrow I’m going to be hanging by the toilet).

I definitely looked like a tourist running around smiling and snapping photos, this place was right up my alley (no dirty comments please), I took a photo of a pie display fridge. NO SHIT! I screamed tourist when I got excited at the sight of a spinning pie display fridge! They all looked so tasty, looking back now I really wish I got a slice, DAMNIT! So we sat down and the hubs got himself some steak and eggs with a coffee of course and I got myself just a coffee because I wasn’t to hungry, but I’m always up for a coffee. I don’t really get why people say that American coffee is shit, this coffee was great. They were always around to re-fill my cup, which probably was a little dangerous because I was a hyperactive child on the rest of the drive.

But the hubs enjoyed his breakfast, he did drop the hint he would love it for breakfast every Sunday – yeah thats not going to happen. But he couldn’t stop raving how much he loved how well the steak was cooked and I was very happy with how nice the staff were. Before we headed out back onto the road we thought we would take a look through the gift shop and have one last bathroom break before we leave. The gift shop had a lot of retro themed items, I found a Peanuts metal lunchbox. Not the modern Peanuts, the old comics one.


Right before we headed out I went to the bathroom. It was packed with women when I walked in. When I came out of the cubicle I saw what looked like a man taking a piss at a urinal scared the shit out of me. I thought I was in the womens room, what the fuck? There was a lot of women in the bathroom before they couldn’t have all got the wrong room. It wasn’t until I looked a bit closer and realised it was a mannequin! Dumbass! I had the crap scared out of me from a mannequin.

After I recovered from my idiotic scare, we had one last walk around and headed back onto the open road to L.A. If you are doing a road trip to Vegas from LA or vice versa give this place a look.





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