From Minions to Harry Potter

Universal Studios, I’ve been hanging to go here since I first heard the minion ride came out. Which coincidentally was right after the last time I went. I was so excited to come here because not only was there a minion ride but also HARRY POTTER LAND!! Yes people I’m a Harry Potter nerd.

The last time we came it was in the lead up to Halloween so the park was being prepared for the Universal Halloween spectacular (it wasn’t called that) so sections had zombie decorations hanging around. The lasts time we went was also when they seemed to be in the process of a lot of construction for new rides and attractions so we managed to get through the park extremely quickly, especially considering the lines were very small to non existent.

This time, however. There was a lot more people and a lot more attractions. So we had a game plan for the park, we start off at the back of the park and work our way to the front. That’s what we did last time. Well it didn’t pan out this time, we rocked up at 10am when the park opened and headed to the lower lot (which is the back of the park) only to find it was closed until about 11am. It wasn’t that bad though, so we thought we’ll start on the Simpsons Ride .


For those who don’t know what the Simpsons Ride is, its basically a virtual reality roller coaster. So your sitting in a roller coaster seat with a screen in front of you while the cart moved around but not actually going anywhere. Ive been on the ride before and I still would go on it again it was great! I grew up watching The Simpsons so this was pretty awesome to ride. After we came out of the ride we had a little walk around the small version of Springfield, got some photos. Most of the food places around the Simpsons ride were themed accordingly e.g. there was a MOES TAVERN which was a bar that also sold DUFF. No it wasn’t actual DUFF beer it was more of a soft drink / soda. I didn’t try it, had too many rides to get on and I didn’t want to vomit and be THAT PERSON and close the ride down for cleaning.

We Made our way to Harry Potter World. NO shit Im a Harry Potter nerd (I’m owning it) so I was so excited when I heard that there was a Harry Potter World at universal studios. So walking into this section of the park it seemed like you stepped inside the book. When you first walk in you see the Hogwarts Express, which is great to stock up on photos. But Universal defiantly go all out to make sure that everything didn’t look like a cheap rip off of the actual sets. You actually felt like you were in a whole new world ( I wonder if anyone is singing the Aladdin song in their head now I said that). So we headed to the Hogwarts Castle and holy shit it looked like a real fucking castle! The castle was the Harry Potter Ride ( Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey), what you did was walk through the castle to get to the ride. The details that they put into this ride, WOW. You weren’t even on the ride and you are going through the hallways and seeing Dumbledores Office, Gryffindor Common room, Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and much more,  with every little thing added and just before you are ready to get onto the ride you have the sorting hat talking to you. This is also an indoor ride bit it is kind of a roller coaster but its not terribly fast. I don’t want to give too much away but be wary that Dementors pop up, thank god no little kids were on my cart they would have learnt a new word. The thing scared the shit out of me.

After the hubs couldn’t bare my nerdy excitement we headed to to lower lot. Straight away we went to the Transformers Ride. This is a ride we rode a lot, the hub loved it so much . This ride is another indoor 3D ride but you wear 3D glasses while your in a car moving on track. You do feel like you can literally touch the Transformers touching your car with is awesome. For sure go on this ride!

After we strolled out of the Transformer Ride looking like a pair of kids amped up we went on to the Revenge of The Mummy Ride. Its based on the original mummy movie….not the new Tom Cruise disaster. The Brendan Frasier one, that would be counted as wicked old now. This ride is an indoor roller coaster and is kid of like a ghost train with mummies. There was a bit with the scarab beetles that they looked like they were coming at you then you get sprayed with a tiny bit of water you actually think those beetles are on you, or what my husband thought was that I pissed my pants.

We didn’t ride the Jurassic Park Ride, partly because the last them we went on it we were soaked (because it is a boat ride – and what do you think happens at the end of the ride? you go down a giant slope) and I had no interest in getting wet and having to have wet shoes rubbing on my feet for the rest of the day. So we gave it a miss and headed to the Minions Mayhem Ride. But as we were heading back up to the higher lot we were stopped by a live velociraptor. OH SHIT ! I thought those assholes were long gone! It was so realistic and didn’t look like some greasy creep was in a costume. Well it didn’t look 100% realistic but pretty damn close. So after we took a look at the raptor show we headed up. By the way if you want a killer workout while at universal go up the stairs from the lower lot to the upper lot. I did that and my god I was sweaty.

So we headed to SUPER SILLY FUN LAND! If you haven’t seen Despicable Me, its the Amusement Park in it. So shattered that I didn’t have bathers it was a little water playground- I probably would have looked like a creep playing in it with all of the kids. After we had a little look and posed for a pic with the minions we hopped in line for the Minions Mayhem Ride. This ride is a 3D/4D something D ride. Were the main idea is that you have become a Minion and your raising havoc everywhere while bouncing around in a cart. I had a riot, I do love the Despicable Me movies and love it even more that I can watch them with the spawn.

Now there are other rides and attractions at Universal Studios that we went on and some we didn’t but The rides Ive mentioned are the ones that really stood out to me. I suggest you look at the Universals Website or you know, GO to Universal Studios to check it out first hand.

Just before we were about to leave Universal we went to shopping around the park, you know to get some souvenirs. So I got some sexy knee High HOGWARTS socks, a giant Spongebob water bottle and a few other things.

So after our fun filled day we took a little walk on the Universal Studios City Walk and headed to get some dinner. We ended up gong to Bubba Gump (come on we were tourists we had to eat there) and slamming down some shrimp.  There was so much to chose from they have a great menu who knew all of the different dishes you could have……“You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that’s about it.”. Sorry had to throw in the Forrest Gump reference.

After we ate we started to head back to the cab line but we had to make a stop at the candy store, come on guys it was the last few days of our trip I had to get as much trash in my body as possible. So we took a look at all of the candy. I have a massive sweet tooth of course to stocked up on soft sweets. We then headed back to the hotel after our fun day.

As much as Im happy to be home with the piglet (the child) I’m already missing the holiday and Im already wishing to go on another trip. Maybe something to think about for next year. Alrighty then guys…




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