DIY Hair F**K UPS – volume 2

Well here we are again kids, another tale of my own DIY hair tragedy. Lucky this isn’t a hair dye tale its a hair cut tale. All I can say from this experience is thank god I don’t try to do my hair myself these days and go to a professional. Also when I look back on these times all I can think is GEORGIA YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

So this was when I was in my early 20s, I had been to a hair dressers to get my hair cut. I had asked for layered hair roughly around shoulder length. Now word of advise do your research on the hairdressers, sometimes cheap ain’t good. Now this isn’t a bash on hairdressers AT ALL. Im just saying some are artists with what they do and some are just horrible. Its basically like any job some people are good at things and some aren’t. So this hairdresser had cut my hair and the front looked good it looked like a long bob it looked nice, it was shorted than I expected but hey its fine hair grows back. But I didn’t pay attention to the back when she showed me because at that time I was just ready to get out of the chair and head off to do something else, I was running late for other appointments. She did mention that she made it kinds a V at the back. Its the only way I can describe it I was fine with it.

Thats until that night when I got home and realised she didn’t cute it the way she described, when I properly looked in the mirror it was literally a long bob with a long chunk at the back! I kid you not it was a long strip of hair- not gradually getting long. It was just a long chunk of hair. I went to one of my friends and asked her if it was noticeable she took one look and asked if I was planing on putting more extensions in my hair. When I told her it was my actual hair all she said was “are we creating a new mullet”.

Being frustrated with myself that I didn’t pay attention when she cut my hair and the fact that I was going out with my friends that night. I needed to fix my hair. I was so cranky I needed it fixed ASAP. Not wanting to put my hair up (which I should have done and waited the next day to get a professional to fix it) I walked into the bathroom with some scissors (Im pretty sure these were kitchen scissors) grabbed the chunk and put my finger to where I thought it would match up to the rest of my hair and yes. I chopped that shit.

Now that was absolutely idiotic! If I was that impatient to cut the back of my hair why didn’t I ask one of my friends? They were in the house with me. Id like to go back and slap my younger self for doing that. But we learn from our mistakes. So I cut the chunk of hair and thought eh it looks ok-ish. So I went out and carried on with my night. I didn’t bother asking my friends how it looked because by then they just wanted to go and I knew they most likely would lie through their teeth just to get me to leave the house and not make us late.

After that night I had my hair constantly up because of work and going to the gym. It wasn’t until about a week later when my hair was washed and straightened I was standing in the kitchen when my boyfriend came up behind me and said “ummm what the fuck is with your hair a chunk has been taken out of it”. He stood behind me and took a photo with his phone. It looked like some bitch had chopped the back of my hair as revenge for taking her man. It was bad, it was obvious it was done by an idiot with kitchen scissors.

I eventually went to my regular hairdresser and explained the whole incident and had to hear her disappointment when she said not to go to a cheap and nasty hairdresser and to not do my hair with kitchen scissors! The thing I learnt from this is, do your research on the hairdresser you are going to AND make sure you actually pay attention to the final result AND if you aren’t happy with the final result when you get home don’t and I mean don’t try to fix it yourself.

Anyways kids, hope you enjoyed my tales of stupidity.



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