When going on Holidays with friends…

When I returned back from my USA trip I caught up with a girlfriend to tell her all about it, being that she’s never travelled outside of Australia she was very interested in seeing photos and hearing stories. Of course telling tales of my adventures was a great way to re live the trip. We then got to talking about her planning a trip overseas and she mentioned she was thinking of going with another single friend, since they are both single it would be a great trip. But she wasn’t a 100% if they were the right person. The advice I gave her was this:


This advice is for all types of holidays; overseas, interstate, an hour down the road, whatever the case you have to make sure you select the right person to go with. I’ll share a story of an interstate holiday. I had wanted to go on a holiday with one of my girlfriends because I had been busting my ass working for months and I was basically burnt out and needed a relax. I was given a discounted hotel room in Queensland, because the owner was repaying a favour. So what I did was offer a friend to come with me and I would foot the bill for the food and the room. I should have put thought into my decision.

I had chosen the friend who was on the University holidays and was alone while her boyfriend was visiting his family. I thought for some reason she would be an easy choice because I was also in a relationship and we could have fun without having to hangout with creeps. Well I learnt very quickly that I made the wrong choice. She constantly complained about everything and anything, ate all of the food and left me footing the bill for everything. Needles to say I was thankful it was only an interstate trip. What I learnt from the trip was to make sure that I select who I go away with on any holiday. Because the company you have with you on the trip and make or break the holiday.

So Ive made up a few things to take into account when choosing a friend to go on holidays with:

How are they with money??? This is one of the top things to consider, you have to make sure that they are actually able to pay for the trip AND while you are on the trip they can pay to get by and not blow all their cash on the first day causing  you footing all of their bills. Nothing would ruin a whole holiday than you paying double because your friend spent all of their money on the first day.

Would they have the same interests??? You want to make sure that they would actually want to do the same things as you. You don’t want to be on a holiday and have absolutely different ideas of what you want to do e.g.; you want to sight see the whole time while your friend wants to bar hop the whole time.

Do they want to travel to the same place??? OF COURSE! They maybe a great travel buddy and will guarantee an amazing time but make sure they actually want to go to the location. You don’t want to go somewhere and it seems like they were just there so your not alone.

Will they be able to part with their significant other??? This works both ways, will they be on the phone non stop because they can’t stand being away from their partner/ the partner can’t stand being away from them. Either way you don’t want the trip to turn into a third wheel situation. Contact with a significant other on a trip is fine but if its literally like they are on the trip with you because of the constant calls, skypes, texts, emails etc. its not worth you being with someone who is always on the phone.

Will you actually enjoy their company??? Think about this, do you really want to be confined to a hotel room with a friend you only see in small doses? NO. Sure you can have a few hours apart here and there (its always good) but if you want to spend most of your time avoiding them are they really the best person to take.

Don’t just chose a person out of convenience , This defiantly DO NOT do. If your ideal travel friend can’t go in September don’t just chose another friend because they can despite the fact they aren’t the ideal travel buddy. Try to work around both schedules or just keep looking for the ideal travel buddy don’t just chose because someone is just and easy option.

Partners aren’t always the best option, sure taking a partner on a trip can be good. Its great for the relationship, trying new things together, romantic and you’re always guaranteed sex (COME ON WERE ALL THINKING IT!) but make sure that you take most of the options above into account. Honestly at the start of my relationship with my now husband, I would have never gone on a trip overseas with him because we were both interested in different things when it came to going on holidays. Im grateful that it wasn’t until a few years in (yeah years) we finally went on a trip. It was great for us because we didn’t want to strangle each other and actually had a great time.

With travelling I have 2 and 1/2 people I would travel with, I only have one friend I know for sure I would travel with because we have the same interests and I know we for sure would have a great time. The other person I would travel with is of course my husband we have travelled many times and we share the same interests, we can have a few hours here and there to enjoy some time away from each other (so I can go shopping) and we have the bonus of guaranteed sex. The half of course being my lovely little girl- I would only have a short trip because, toddlers are feral.

Okie dokie kids I’ve rambled enough for now. But before I go if anyone wants any topic covered at all whether it being rants, relationships, about me, I don’t know anything. Feel free to shoot me a message and I will do my best to include it into my next blog post.



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