Along with Christmas, Easter is the time of year we’re all of the people on a health kick or weight loss journey seem to drop the ball and give in to the temptation of eating something naughty. Why wouldn’t they? Everywhere you turn there are Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns as far as the eyes can see how could you not give in.
But the Monday after Easter weekend everyone seems to have a chocolate hangover and regret all of the chocolate goodness they inhaled over the weekend. This is usually when the gyms get overcrowded with women and men trying to burn off all of the food guilt. Me I’m not one of these people I’m a freak I hate Easter eggs chocolate, unlike my wine I don’t like cheap stuff. I prefer the more pricey chocolate and because it costs more I don’t eat it that much ($5 or $6 for a block of chocolate I might as well spend that money on wine!! and Im a boujee chocolate bitch).
Anyway I’m getting off topic. Seriously, if you are on a diet and want to indulge in some chocolate GO AHEAD! Really enjoy it, but remember some self control, isn’t the pint of a diet to develop some self control to what you consume. Don’t be one of those douches that says oh no I can’t eat this chocolate I’m on a diet and it’s bad for you blah blah blah. Also don’t read into all the articles showing how much sugar in in one Easter egg that you see on social media, its not new that chocolate has sugar in it so it shouldn’t be that shocking. Just enjoy Easter for fucks sake, but enjoy it in moderation.
Here are some tricks for the dieting people who want to indulge:
  1. Don’t constantly rant on about your diet and how it’s going to affect your results. It makes people want to stab you in the eye.
  2. Don’t be a glutenous pig, you’ve eaten to the point of almost throwing up you don’t need to eat anymore unless you want to resemble the Monty Python character from the meaning of life that explodes after eating enough for a village
  3. Don’t bust your ass after the weekend is over just do your standard workout it’s not the end of the world you ate a bit more
  4. Drink booze better calories to consume and if you have a bit too much you vomit so you may loose a few KGs
  5. Actually fuck the chocolate and hot cross buns drink wine. Wine is good

Enjoy Easter Everyone!!



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