Online Shopping Adventures- THE QUICK FLICK

Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble going to sleep at night. It’s caused by many factors from the husband that snores so loud that it sounds like a chainsaw has been left on in the bed, to the child that appears beside you looking like a possessed child from a horror movie. So I spend a lot of time online window shopping until I find an item I know I absolutely want/ need. In one of my late night online adventures I came across the QUICK FLICK eyeliner stamps.

I’ve seen these advertised around social media and not really given it much attention, I mean really who actually pays attention to the advertisements on Facebook? So I took a bit of a look into this product. The QUICK FLICK is a liquid eyeliner stamp that you can use in order to get the perfect winged eyeliner. The thing that pretty much all women struggle to get perfect on both eyes. I personally have been able to master the perfect winged eyeliner, I just need no one to be in the vicinity and I need about 8 hours to make sure they are exactly the same. The idea that I could save time with my makeup and have it looking perfect sold me – anything to make life easier.

When looking on the site they have 3 different sized stamps ; The Petite (8mm) , The Modest (10mm) and the Grand (12mm). These sizes obviously are because some people like to have their eyeliner more dramatic than others. I selected the Modest (10mm) because I like my eyeliner to be seen but not too dramatic. So I put my order in and like everyone else who shops online I sat by the window waiting for the postman to deliver my order.

So when my order finally arrived I received what looked like two double ended Sharpie markers. You get two stamps one for each eye of course and on the other end is just eyeliner pen to finish off your winged look.

To get your winged eyeliner look all you do is stamp in the spot you want your eyeliner wing and the finish off your look with the eyeliner pen. ITS JUST THAT EASY!

Seriously ladies or men (men wear makeup now too) give these a go they aren’t too expensive, about $35 AUD. They are well worth the price and help out a lot to get your perfect winged liner. Anyway this glammed up bitch is off to strut her stuff down the wine isle.

If you are interested in buying these head to

(this post was just me raving about a product I like, I was not paid to write about this I’m just a friend talking about something a friend). 



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