Just a Little Stupid Advice

I admit it I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I have my moments. Since I am getting a bit older I thought it be time to act a bit wiser and maybe share some tricks and hacks, whatever you call it, that I’ve picked up over the years. I’m here to pass on some wisdom to people who maybe like it handed to them to get them through the weekend when out on the drink. So grab a cup of coffee and take notes kids….

My Stupid Drunkie tip:

Buy a heap fast food (by heaps I mean way more than you could possibly eat in one sitting) before you start drinking and put it in the fridge. This way you have food waiting for you when you get home. This way you don’t have to be waiting forever in line with other annoying drunks and also so you’ll have some food for the next morning when your hungover and are unable to leave the house and need some greasy food. But make sure its easy to heat up food. Don’t get anything that requires an oven or stove. Drunks and ovens do not mix. Just make sure its easy to microwave up and your set.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and maybe give this a go






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