Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain….. who doesn’t sing that sing in their head whenever they hear Pina Coladas or see it on the menu. Well here we are with another lazy cocktail for the people who love a good cocktail but don’t want to have to go out and buy millions of ingredients just for one drink.

Now its no secret I love my wine and I love my cocktails so this drink is pretty much if wine and a cocktail got together and had a baby. I know people usually have mimosas with brunch but honestly if Ive ever been to brunch, I go straight for the coffee! I need my caffeine fix. Ive had mimosas in the afternoon when its usually a nice sunny day when Im sitting outside or the one occasion at LAX at 7pm because I had a mental blank and couldn’t think of what to order (my flight was at 11pm way not have a few cocktails with randoms to pass the time).

So anyway getting back on topic, the weather has been remarkably pleasant in Melbourne this last week. The hottest day was around 30 Degrees (celsius ) and lowest around 19- so fairly pleasant .Id prefer this than the horrible disgusting, sweaty weather or freezing cold that its an effort to get out of bed or the hot shower. Err rambling again!!! Anyways with this nice weather its nice to sit outside and enjoy a nice sweet fruity cocktail – so why not go with something simple.

With this drink you can put it in a champagne glass or wine glass or even a plastic cup if you want to. I like putting it in a wine glass (I have big wine glasses to fit more in). This is a nice sunny weekend drink to enjoy outside,  or really if you want to feel like summer in a glass on a miserable day give it a go……


1 Shot Rum

1/2 cup Prosecco or white wine really 

1/2 Cup Pineapple juice

These measurements are based on my wine glass  that I used you can make it stronger or weaker, its your choice. Hope you enjoy it.



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