We Escaped!


Sorry for the tittle, its a total spoiler alert!

It is a random thing that I discovered Escape Rooms from an episode of BIG BANG THEORY. One day I was watching an episode (I’m talking a few years ago now) and they had al tried out an Escape room and had finished it within a few minutes. I was very intrigued I had to see if this actually existed, and also had to see if there was any in Melbourne. For anyone who doesn’t actually know what an Escape Room is, its basically your put in a room with a time limit and you have to find clues in order to get yourself out. All Escape Rooms have different themes from a zombie apocalypse to prison break to murder mystery – the themes are limitless.

This would be the forth Escape Room I’ve done. Yep I love these. I enjoy looking for clues.  If you are looking for any answers to any specific Escape Rooms sorry guys I won’t be sharing any secrets you’ll have to go through them yourself without any cheats. So Ive done a Prison Break Room – which was my first one. This one was attached to STRIKE BOWLING which was really good because they had bowling and a bar for afterwards. But anyways this room Was defiantly able to show me when going in an Escape Room really what to look for when looking for clues. The Second one I did was the Wonderland Room at TRAPT. This is also place I went to for my more recent adventure. The Wonderland Room was of course and Alice in wonderland themed room. I did love this room because you had to get though three rooms in order to finally get out of the room. The final Escape Room I’ve done was in my hometown with my oldest friends at the Old Geelong Gaol, where it was a bank heist themed escape room.

Like I mentioned I went to TRAPT – Escape Room & Bar. I do love this place because when you walk in down the stairs from the busy Melbourne CBD street, it feels like you’ve come into a whole new world. An underground Speakeasy. It takes you back in time, looking around you feel like you are in a secret underground bar. The cocktails they have reflect off of all of the rooms, which I love. For example get a Queen of Hearts cocktail for the Wonderland Room. So anyway we thought we would try the absolute hardest room that TRAPT had to offer (we were feeling cocky as fuck). We did the Espionage Room. So the story/ background for the room is you are US Counter-Intelligence Agents, that have been assigned to basically stop a bomb going off.  Its set around the Cold War.

This room consisted of 3 small rooms, what you had to do was solve clues so you were able to get through these rooms in order to escape. I am not lying when I say this was one of the hardest rooms that I have ever done! I’m not going to get into much detail because I don’t want to give too much away about the room itself and potentially spoil the experience for anyone who want to try it. But we went into the room (sorry guys no cameras inside so no photos of the room itself) and straight away started looking for clues in order to get things going. This I was pretty proud of only because the very first time we tried an escape room we stood there for about 10 minutes scratching our heads and wasting time. So we got through the clues, we did have a moment were we did get stuck and had to ask for a clue help (you can do that – they don’t tell you the clue but they give you hints) and it helped us get into the second room.

Once we got into the second room everything went to absolute shit. We had no idea what to do and were to go to find clues. It didn’t help that when we were rushing around looking for the clues, I feel like we wasted our time because we were down to our final minutes and no matter how hard we tried we just weren’t getting it. We were just getting to slow looking for the clues, I personally think more clues were in the front room that could have helped us in the second but Ill never know unless I try the room again.  After the alarm went off we were let out of the room by a staff member and they gave us a little look into the next room to see what we would have missed out of.

Needless to say this is definitely a room I would try with a group of about 4 plus people rather than 2. Only because you are on a time limit and the time does fly when you are in there, so it means that the more people you have in your party the quicker they find the clues and the quicker you can get the ball rolling in order to get out and complete the room.

So we didn’t manage to escape the Espionage Room (Well they didn’t lock us in forever because were too dumb to find our way out) and got to enjoy some a few glasses of wine afterwards to shake off our fail. Seriously try an escape room. Its a different activity and is great to try out with your group of friends. If you want to try out TRAPT below is the website info – seriously they are the best place to try out.





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