My Trip to StoryVille


Tiki, Speakeasy, Halloween them, you name it I love it. Storyville is a Melbourne bar located in the CBD that’s themed around all of the classic fairytales with cocktails to match. So when I found out this bar lives in my own backyard I thought ” how the hell have I not heard about this sooner”. I had the plan set to go and the address memorised, I was ready to go.

So one Saturday, early evening we went on the adventure to StoryVille. When you are looking from the street it doesn’t look like much, it’s just a door in an alleyway. But once you step through the door you enter a fairly dark room and head up some stairs (sounds a bit sketchy hey?) and once you reach the top it feels like you’ve stepped into one of the fairy tales you were read as a kid. It’s like your in an enchanted forest with oversized coloured mushrooms and willow trees and even oversized books decor. This was definitely my place!

Of course being a Saturday night the place was packed, but we still managed to get a table to sit at and enjoy some drinks. Looking around it was definitely a magical place to be and had a great atmosphere. Under the big mushroom was the bar with a great cocktails list that reflected on all of the fairy tale classics (which I liked) but since it was a bit busy I stuck with just classes of white wine to enjoy. I liked this place because it wasn’t over the top themed to the point that it tacky. Where the staff are dressed up into characters and get so into it, that they tend to made you a bit uncomfortable. The staff all were dressed pretty dapper and all were actually really nice considering how busy it actually was. Ive already started planning my next adventure here with some of my girlfriends – it would defiantly be a place to hit when Im on a girls night out (yep Im that keen).

If you want to check out the StoryVille bar next time your in Melbourne I highly suggest it guys! Seriously its a great themed bar if your into them. Because Im nice below are the details so you can check it out yourself!





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