Cheesecake (with a little extra)

Its no lie I love Pina Colada cocktails, they are fucking amazing! One great thing about this cocktail is my mum also enjoys them (really rarely gets to enjoy them – the woman can’t handle her booze) I think its mainly because how fresh fruity they taste and the fact it docent taste like booze at all.

So for mothers day I had planned to make her a cheese cake because I know she likes them and she has passed on her lazy version to making a cheesecake recipe onto me a few years ago. But with this cheesecake I thought I would make her a cheesecake with a little extra pizazz to it for her to enjoy for her afternoon tea. Now this recipe is really lazy, thats why I like it and I never seem to have a fail with it.

Why is it lazy? 

Well for starters it doesn’t require many ingredients AND I also didn’t make the base from scratch. I bought the base from the supermarket. Sure it could be better with a home made crumb base but I find that cutting out that step I never have any issues and it makes the whole cheesecake creating a lot quicker.



1 Dessert Pie crust (I used two 160g pie crusts)

250g Block Cream Cheese – make sure it soft

397g Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice

1 Tablespoon Gelatine Powder

1 Teaspoon Malibu Rum (any coconut rum)

Fresh Fruit for decorations (optional)


  1. Mix the cream cheese, condensed milk, pineapple juice and rum together until smooth.
  2. Mix the gelatine with 1/4 cup boiling water and mix thoroughly 
  3. Pour gelatine into the cheese mix and mix well 
  4. Pour the mixture into the pie base and refrigerate until set.
  5. Decorate the cheesecake if you want to add that little extra.


I made up 2 cheesecakes with the mix so I was able to make one for my mum and the mother in-law. Although my Mum would never admit it, but she’s not too happy I’m not as skilled in the kitchen as she is. As in she can make almost any food from scratch (fuck that!). But she was impressed with me tweaking her cheesecake recipe, with changing it from a Lemon Cheesecake to a Pina Colada Cheesecake. Not to mention she didn’t get poisoned from it (BONUS). Overall this cheesecake was a success for a Mothers Day afternoon tea with Mum and my Grandma and as something for the Mother in Law to enjoy with the husband ( I think he took credit for my cake).

Hope all those Mothers out there in internet work had a great Mothers Day 


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