My Mothers Day

So heres the thing I see all of these advertisements leading up to Mothers Day that are basically Pinterest worthy photos. The advertisements are pretty similar, you know a mother being served breakfast in bed (looking radiant by the way- hair and makeup done and not wearing PJs that are probably going on 7 years old) with her family smiling with delight that its Mothers Day. Sure this happen in some households, not mine.

Now your probably thinking “oh yeah here we go an ungrateful mother here to shit all over her family” , sorry kids Im actually doing the opposite. My husband and I, we pride ourselves that we aren’t like all of the other married couples that we are friends with. We don’t try to be a picture perfect couple you see all over the internet with #relationshipgoals bullshit. We are true to how we are flaws and all. Were passing that on to our daughter that you don’t have to be a certain way that is portrayed on the internet. Sorry rambling.

So anyway, I woke up on Sunday morning at the lovely hour of 6am as I usually do thanks to a lovely little red head wanting to start the day. Honestly its not quite as pleasant as it sounds – she doesn’t gently wake me. I woke in a fright thinking a possessed doll was on me. All I saw was these two big eyes in my face saying “Mumma I want a milk” in a deep monster like voice (I regret teaching her how to make a monster voice). So after I finally calmed down after my good morning fright I was delivered a card covered in toddler artwork and a  big pink box with a familiar dog logo on it. I finally have a Peter Alexander dressing gown! If you don’t know about Peter Alexander, you are missing out my friend. Peter Alexander is a sleepwear brand that makes the most comfortable pyjamas EVER! They do cost a bit more but those bad boys last for YEARS!!! Oh the dressing gowns are so warm and snuggly when you are wearing them you know how cosy baby are when they are swaddled.


While enjoying my new coziness the husband a spawn had been sneaky and  left the house. They returned with a fresh bought coffee. Thank god they didn’t attempt to make me a coffee, my husband can do a lot of things but for some reason he cant make a good coffee. Once dressed we headed to our parents houses to see our Mothers for lunch then afternoon tea (yes with all of the food it felt like Christmas). We all enjoyed coffees and delicious food (my cheesecake included) with the entertainment of my little lady. The entertainment was due to her vocabulary expanding and new hilarious lines coming out of her mouth like “IM BUSY!” and “whats going on guys?” – yep my kids the queen of sass.

So it was about 5pm when we started our hour journey home on the highway, which was packed with idiot drivers who couldn’t drive properly (its nothing new) causing us halfway home to turn off to the backroads, otherwise we would have more than likely had and accident. It felt like we had been driving forever and rushing around all day so when we finally got home it was just dinner and movie time just to unwind (I of course got to enjoy a glass of pink wine thanks to the hubby). It seriously drained all of us with the rushing around to get to the parents houses then heading home.

I know that Mothers Day seemed to be a lot about the grandmas than having a day for me (this is comparison to other mums I saw raving all over social media). But this day to me I feel that it means more than gifts and attention, its a day that I like to celebrate the fact that I’m a mother. My whole life I did not want children, AT ALL. I stated from the day go to my hubs I do not want kids end of story . He obviously did. But the second that little blue eyed, red haired little girl came into my life she changed me. I didn’t think I could love any one as much as I do her (yep more than the husband- I would use him as a human shield if we were under attack) and I am so grateful that I have her in my life. Even when she’s a fucking turd and makes me want to tear my hair out.

Anyway hope all of the mothers out there had a great day……



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