Worst Customers Experience – Part One

So I have worked in customer service for over 10 years (that makes me feel old). I have worked in different industries, in different areas of Melbourne and have dealt with customers from all walks of life. So I thought I would share a few tales of my experiences with the worst kind of people over the next few weeks purely for all you reading this entertainment. 

So the first of my tales is back when I worked as a pool lifeguard. Yes I was a pool lifeguard – actually for 7 years of my life. Thi job I dealt with a lot of bullshit and I honestly only stuck with the job for so long because of the amazing wage I was paid. I started when I was 17 (maybe a bit before) and finished when I was 23. So this huge pay was a massive benefit for me when I was in school and when I was studying. Now because I was employed through the local council I was able to work at any of the pools that were run by the council, so I wasn’t just at one place all the time. Before I go on i thought i would start you all of with a disgusting story so weak stomachs beware.

This story takes place at an outdoor pool in the summer. I had been working all day in the heat, was over it and was ready to go home. Now with this outdoor pool one of the jobs at the end of the day if for the lifeguards to hoedown the change rooms/toilets and clean up any lost property. It wasn’t too bad, but it was more time consuming especially when you just want to go home. Anyway, it was the end of the day and people were clearing out and unfortunately for me I was the only female left and because we still had some females in the change rooms I had to clean them so we could all leave at a decent hour.

As I was collecting some rubber gloves and a few other cleaning items I could overhear some teenage girls laughing hysterically and screaming. I didn’t think anything of it because joking around isn’t a crime. The lightbulb should have turned on when I saw them running out of the centre as soon as they saw me walking into the change rooms. As soon as I walked into the room I was getting ready to clean,  a woman in a towel walked up to me looking disgusted. I thought she might of been pissed off because I was unravelling the hose to clean in the corner – I figured she must been thinking I was trying to hurry her up. She said “Those girls that ran out are disgusting” and was looking towards the toilets. She didn’t say anything else and counted to get dressed and leave. I should have asked her but I just was too tired and in a bad mood to care about people most likely complaining about teenagers making dirty jokes or wearing bikinis (this was a constant complaint). I was cleaning up all of the rubbish before I had to hose down the floor – I went around the change room and started sweeping the toilets.

When I reached one cubicle I noticed a massive pile of toilet paper on the floor. When I looked in I thought , Really? is this what that lady was calling disgusting – sure its immature and fucking annoying but its easy swept up. So I started trying to sweep up the toilet paper, it was a bit stuck to the floor. I just figured since were in a swimming pool bathroom it was water……….it wasn’t water. Those fucking assholes took a massive shit on the floor as a joke and then buried it under a pile of toilet paper. I guessing as some sort of horrible surprise for whoever had to clean up the bathrooms. So there I was cleaning up human shit of of the floor in the bathroom. An 18 year old me cleaning up someone else’s shit! I had always thought that males would do gross crap (haha) like this but over the years I discovered females are equally, if not more disgusting.

Stay tuned for more fun tales of my worst customers tales




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