Online Shopping Adventures – Fanola Purple Shampoo

Fanola , you have more than likely seen the videos on social media of a hairdresser pouring purple shampoo onto a blonde girls hair turning it from brassy yellow to perfect white. Good marketing strategy guys first of all, but this product I was a bit skeptical about. If you can’t tell I have bleach blonde hair and I am always looking for a good toner to use at home that actually works.

I’ve been through many different brands that have either not really done anything, made my hair like straw or have made my hair a patchy purple colour. I was trying to find one that lived up to the hype. So I yet again was intrigued by a product that’s was advertised on Facebook. So I decided to buy the shampoo to give it a go and to see if it would help keep my hair looking nice and fresh. Once I received the shampoo I was ready to give it a go – mostly because my hair was in desperate need of a wash ( I was having a rough week and had a long time between hair washes). So to use it is just like any other purple shampoo; Apply to wet hair, massage, leave for 1-5 minutes, lather and rinse off. Then condition as normal. I was terrified to try this as the last purple shampoo I tired gave me blotchy purple patches in my hair even though I followed the instructions.

So once I got out of the shower dried my hair I was amazed with how my hair came out looking nice and ashy, as if its just fresh from the hairdressers. Well maybe not that good.  But my hair came out looking great and it didn’t feel like straw afterwards, which a lot of shampoos can do to your hair. So this shampoo did sell me and I found out I could buy it from Hairhouse Warehouse – not far from my house so I was happy with being able to buy it and not have to wait for it to come in the mail. A few days later I was on Facebook (god I want to get rid of Facebook but a lot of business comes through it – STUPID SOCIAL MEDIA!) and saw the advertisement for Fanola again but I noticed a number of negative comments claiming the product was a lie and didn’t do what it was meant to do. These comments baffled me because it worked on my hair but I realised that the pictures they had up weren’t doing them any favours and people who aren’t really in the know for haircare or even know the basics might misunderstand what the product actually does.


Overall this is a great toner and I do like how it evenly tones my hair without making it patchy. I haven’t had tacky yellow hair so it’s a massive bonus which I’m over the moon about. I’m not a professional, but I’m not an idiot this product tones your already lightened hair it doesn’t lighten it so when you see them showing a person with dark blonde hair in the before picture then white hair in the after it more or less means that they have had their hair bleached then toned. Not they used this product and it became super white. Its even stranger that I read the product description and it says “Fanola no yellow is the worlds number one best toning shampoo for blondes. The product helps to eliminate unwanted yellow tones from the hair, making it a beautiful ash tone”. For some reason a lot of its social media advertisements are showing that it creates white hair not ash tone, which is worrying because it could cause people to get confused and start bath mouthing a great product.  Anyway this toner is really good with blondes I would definitely recommend it to try out.




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