Worst Customers Experience – Part Two

Here I am again, with more tales about horrible people. If your reading this you obviously have a strong stomach and survived the last tale. Hooray! This tale is when I was a manager for a handbag and luggage company, so yep this is a retail story. 

Because my team were all casual employees I would have a few hours alone in the store this tale takes place when I was all by myself. So my store was located in an outlet mall, we would always have sales on all of the products. In the store we had tables with hand bags on them with signs saying UNDER $29.99 to advertise certain sale prices. We had some designer bags on a table they were discounted 30% off retail price or something like that and next to that table was a table for UNDER $39.99. It was common thing that people would pick up an item and walk around the store and just dump the item wherever. Which meant I was constantly picking items up from random places in the store.

This woman comes in looking for GUESS bags I directed her to the table and told her if she needed any help to just ask. After a while she came up to the counter with a bag, she was a nice lady and was very pleasant. WAS. I scanned the item (as you do) and said ok that would be $90 (i don’t remember the price exactly but it was around that) . She looked at me strangely and said thats got to be a mistake, I got it from the table over there. I knew sometimes people would get confused with the price and think that the discount was off the price on the sticker (the sticker was what we put on the price tag next to the original price to show the discount from he original price) so I explained it to her. She started getting a bit irritated with me and snapped NO! it should be $40! pointing in the direction of the UNDER $39.99 table.

Now it took a lot for me to lose my shit, especially with all of the stupidity that came at me in the store. So I calmly said oh no someone has moved a GUESS bag from the Guess bags table to the heavy discounted bags table, Im sorry it tends to happen when customers are walking around looking and they find something they want instead. I apologised so many times because I got it she thought she was getting a bag cheap. But really its not rocket science the Guess bags had their own table with a Guess sign on it and the cheaper bags table were no brands bags. So after I explained to the woman, she lost her shit. Screaming it was false advertising and I was racist (yes racist) because I wasn’t giving her a discount because she was Asian. Let me make this clear to everyone in Melbourne it is very multicultural (as of all Australia) and Im not going to act like white trash and discriminate against anyone because of their race.

So after I repeated the table situation several time and it didn’t work, I offered her a small discount on the bag (because I had the authority to give her a small discount to make her happy – its all about making the customer happy). Still wasn’t happy! She stood in the store screaming at me calling me every name under the sun, basically making a scene. What pushed me was when she walked right up in my face and started poking me in the chest saying she’s going to get me fired. Thats when I had enough! She had been at it for over 20 minutes, making a scene and causing people to avoid the store because of her ranting. Thats when I handed her the head office phone number and told her to get out of my store before security comes. She went ballistic saying I have no right to do that, the second I picked up the phone to call security. She screamed FUCK YOU! and stormed out of the store. Now this part I found funny as she was storming out she threw the bag onto the $9.99 and UNDER table, she had done exactly what I told her people do and thats why this whole mix up happened.

I didn’t lose my job, I called up the head office and explained to them the events. They were fine with how I handled it. Let this be a lesson to people if an item is too expensive for you, DO NOT take the price out on the people working in the store. They are not in charge of the price of an item so why are they coping your shit when its not their fault.

Anyway stay tuned for more tales kids





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