Watching SEX AND THE CITY…..again!

With the celebration of Sex and the City turning 20 and the many many articles related to the show, it got me thinking that I should break out the series box set and have a SATC binge. Back in the day I loved this show (well obviously considering I have the box set) and I watched the entire series several times. Which is very strange for me considering Im not the biggest fan of romantic shows/ films. I haven’t watched the show in many many years and looking at my box set its seen better days. The box set was covered in dust and looked like it was bashed around, thanks to a puppy that thought it was a chew toy.

After checking all the DVD disks were still ok and not scratched or damaged I began my series binge. I don’t know whats happened over the years to me, but I found the series very cringey. When watching I felt a bit sad while watching the show that I used to enjoy so much. I wasn’t a fan to the point that I wanted to idolise my whole life after the characters but I did enjoy the stories (again I don’t know why). The reason why I was cringing about the series was the fact that it was just so damn unrealistic. These women would magically find all of these attractive men in any bar without showing any unattractive men badgering them for any sort of attention. Oh and by the way has anyone actually counted how many guys these women have slept with throughout the series…..I can tell you its alot guys! Anyway I find the relationships with men a little annoying, these women say they want love (with the exception of Samantha) but they seem to change their minds about what exactly they want from these guys. They all seem like they want a project rather than someone to spend their life with.

The whole relationship with MR BIG, to me seemed like an absolute toxic mess. Honestly looking at how on and off Carrie and Mr Big were, it made me wonder why Carries friends didn’t throw an intervention because she just kept going back to him. If I was in a relationship like that I can tell you now my girlfriends would handcuff me to a bed and hide my phone so I could avoid any contact with this human being. I know Im not the only one that thought it was a dick move when Carrie cheated on her boyfriend Aidan with Mr Big. She cheated on her boyfriend who gave her a perfect relationship and actually wanted  to plan a future only to fuck around with her MARRIED EX. I don’t know if its just me but I don’t see the point of cheating – if you want someone else leave the person your with, you can’t eat cake and pizza at the same time! I’m getting too crazy here with that situation.

Now another thing that I wasn’t a fan of was Charlotte, I mean really the woman was soo desperate to get married and have a family. I mean woman! Your life shouldn’t revolve around all of that seriously. I think I have always had a bit of a dislike for this character partly because she reminded me of all the women I knew that would tell me they need to be married and planning having kids by 25 and that was their sole goal in life. I am aware that she was in her 30s but if she didn’t smell of desperation to be married and have kids from the start I’m sure she would have found someone sooner.

I might stop while I’m ahead here because I’m sure I’ll probably get a lot of hate for my comments this far. I could go on for ages but I’ll stop to avoid death threats or nasty comments sent to me.

Im not sure if it was the fact that I was a lot younger and super naive or the fact that now I’m an old cranky bitch (I’m going with that guess) but I didn’t enjoy the series as much as I used to. Which in a way is a bit of a bummer because I have so many fond memories watching the series with my friends or by myself cozied up in bed. But now I could barely tolerate it and my eyes are exhausted from all of the eye rolling I did when watching it. I learnt a lesson with this that whenever looking back at series/ movies that you absolutely loved try to keep an open mind when watching it many years later because some movies/series just don’t age well. I am going to keep the series in my library of DVDs but it will be a very long time until I decide to watch the series or an episode again, lucky I don’t have the movies. Anyway all this negativity aside although I can’t stand the series now, I can look back at the times I watched it and the memories then and where I was at that time in my life. So thats a positive.



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