Worst Boss Experience

Okie dokie guys I thought I’d switch it up this time and share the story of the worst boss I’ve ever had, that resulted in me leaving the job. So I have had bosses who can be real dicks at times, but really we all have our moments when we are assholes from stress or frustration or pretty much anything and accidentally bring our issues to work. This boss however, I can say without a doubt was my worst boss to date. There will be no names of businesses or peoples names mentioned, just letting you all know.

Ok so I’ll give you a little background, I was hired at this Par 3 Golf course when I was 16. I didn’t know anything about golf but it didn’t really matter because I was working in the cafe/ register and most of the staff said they will tell me everything I need to know. So anyway I was hired by well call her manager number 1, she was a middle aged lady with young kids and just a great boss. Because I was in high school still and working another job she based my schedule around everything. It was a great place to work because the boss was great and all of the staff were happy – it was all sunshine and rainbows. But one day manager one left because she wanted to get a job closer to home so she could be with her kids more. So it was sad to see a great boss leave but I was excited that my friend who worked with me (Ill call her Sarah) got a promotion to be the manager of the golf course. Side note Sarah was in her mid to late 20s.

So when Sarah was promoted I had been working at the golf course for about 10 months. So I had gotten to know the ropes, I wasn’t allowed to open or close by myself because I was under 18 and they had said when I was 18 I would get a set of keys and would be able to open or close by myself. So when Sarah was working the place continued to run smoothly but I noticed one day that a new name had been added to the work rosters (well call her Sharon). Didn’t phase me I was happy to welcome Sharon, new team member to work with. When I reached 18, Sarah didn’t give me the keys but she did train me to be able to close and open by myself and really wanted me to have it engrained into my brain to make sure I had no issues which was good for me because I am such a perfectionist that if I fuck up in the tiniest I stress all night about it. We had been training for months and I was pretty happy and confident with how I was going with work. But then Sarah came to me to tell me she was leaving the company but couldn’t tell me why. At the time I really just assumed it was so she could get a better job or she wasn’t happy working there anymore. But that Sharon was being promoted to the golf course manager. Now I had only worked with Sharon once or twice and she was ok she had two kids a year younger than me and was a single mum so she was very proud of her kids. She would always talk about how amazing they were and all that crap. I thought it was sweet- at that time I knew my mother wouldn’t be raving on about me like that, I was a shit. So another nice manager left.

So many months went on with Sharon as the manager, I didn’t have to work with her because I was working with other weekend staff showing them what to do. For some reason we would be having a lot of staff coming and going at this time. I thought it was getting a bit suss because I was the longest running staff member working and I still didn’t have fucking keys! I had left letters and emails for Sharon to let her know my schedule and that I was avery keen employee and I could handle it. She would just either ignore me or say Ill train you up a bit more. I was annoyed but what can ya do. I was happy that an old friend was hired at my work (I didn’t even know she worked there until she rocked up one day for a shift- she has a very common name so Id never guess it was her) so we were partners in crime and would work together regularly and customers loved us because we were bubbly, entertaining and we worked to remember names and coffee orders from regulars.

This is when things started going south, when I was 19 I was studying BUT my schedule was very flexible and I could work during the week and my other job I mainly worked at nights when the course was closed so it was no dramas – I let the boss know. But she had hired her daughter (her favourite) to work for us and I had the feeling she just wanted to make it a mother daughter company. My hours started to drop and her daughter seemed to get away with anything. We would get yelled at for missing a spot mopping the floor (she would leave nasty notes for us on the counter) but one day her daughter had left the money in the TIL overnight and didn’t get anything. Now this place had been robbed 4 times in the period I worked there and this dumb bitch did that and Sharon yells at me and my friend for reporting it, because it was a mistake and it could happen to anyone. FUCK OFF! If my friend and I had done that Id had been fired for sure!

It really become apparent that Sharon and her daughter really just wanted to push me and my friend out of the job. Just with little things she would give us shit for but would let her daughter get away with. One day my friend had come up to me on our shift and said ummm I was chatting to the bosses daughter (the daughter was nice to my friends some days) and she said that her mum said “We don’t need to give Georgia keys because she’s got another job and really she’s not really good at her job”. EX-QUEEZE ME! I had worked at that job for years and had had many customers leave great feedback and she’s saying Im shit at my job. My friend had also told me she had over heard the daughter a mum calling us bitches because at the last staff meeting we were “RUDE” because we didn’t talk and were complaining about the sun.

Let me tell you about this staff meeting, my friend and I had gone into it with a list of issues we had with how we were being discriminated against and that we wanted to resolve the issues to help with the workplace. We all sat at the table and we were seated directly into the sunlight. We asked the boss is we could move to another table so we could see and she just turned around and told us we were being dramatic. WOMAN DO YOU NOT SEE HOW PALE I AM! I AM BASICALLY A VAMPIRE. So the meeting started with us irritated, when it came to us wanting to discuss our issues she told us “this isn’t the time or place” although we had sat through her daughters issues and pretty much 3/4 of an hour of her blaming my friend and I for things that were obviously her daughters fault (but hey she needed to point the finger at someone right).

The final straw was when my friend was visiting from out of state and she was staying with me. So I had planned this well in advance and had recorded on my availability that I was unavailable for a particular week. I had given 5 weeks notice and I was the only one who had said they were not available. About 1 week before my friend was due to come down I saw that I was rostered on for the week that I said I was unavailable. So I left a note on my bosses computer to let her know I was unavailable that week and that I had given her notice 5 weeks before the time off. The next day she called me and said that the reason why I have to work is because her daughter has decided to have a holiday with her boyfriend and has no one to cover her shifts. SERIOUSLY! Mind you they both admitted this was a last minute decision. But why she decided on the one week I had ever asked off is beyond me.

After explaining a number of times that my friend was coming down to visit and we had plans she said “I’ll see what I can do” she called me back 1 hour later and said “nope sorry you’ll have to work it”. At this point I had gone into weird quiet anger. I simply said “ok then bye” hung up, walked quietly into my bedroom and screamed. After I finished my tantrum I decided nope this is it Im done and because I was never changed to permanent employee I didn’t have to give 2 week notice I rang up the head office and put in my resignation and told them that I will work my last shift in two days. You’ll never guess who I worked with on my last shift, Sharon. She was the nicest she’s ever been to me that last shift (probably because she was happy for me to go) and as I was leaving my last day she asked me “Your not living because of the shifts are you” obviously because she knew she was in the wrong. I made sure I had all of my shit and I said “its the straw that broke the camels back” and walked out. TOTAL MIC DROP MOMENT FOR ME! It probable would have been more awesome if I didn’t practically run to my car so she couldn’t confront me.

Anyway there is a lot more shit that went on but this has turned into a massive post and I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. So this was more worst boss ever to date , sorry guys this has been a long one, but if anyone has any stories from their workplace feel free to share.



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