Worst Customers Experience – Part Three

Gather around, another retail story children. I thought I would keep it short and sweet for all of you after my last weeks tale. So grab a coffee and enjoy my tale…..

This happened on a quiet day in the whole centre so I figured since it’s a quiet day I’ll try get as much paperwork done and maybe change around the displays. So while I was at the counter doing some paperwork a woman walked in to the store, I greeted her and she just grunted at me. Now I know it’s super annoying when you walk into a store and the staff hassle you from the word go, so what I did was I would greet them as they come in, let them look around then approach them again to see if they needed help finding anything and if they didn’t just call out my name and I’d help them. So after a few minutes went by I went up to the woman and before I could open my mouth she put her hand up and said “if I need help I’ll ask for it”. It was a little aggressive but you know what she probably was harassed a lot in other stores while looking. So I went back to my paperwork and after a while I hear this woman clearing her voice and looking at me while in front of a display of cases. I thought this was her way of getting my attention to help her. I walked up to her and asked “would you like some help at all” , stupid me assuming she was wanting help she yelled at me “NO I DONT WANT YOUR HELP! YOU KNOW WHAT IM OUT OF HERE YOUR A HORRIBLE STORE!” And she stormed out waving her arms on the air.

To this day I still wonder what I did wrong.





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