Drugstore to Sephora

I admit it for pretty much my whole life I’ve been a drugstore makeup girl. I didn’t care if it was cheap, as long as I could slap it on my face and cover my flaws who cares really. It wasn’t until almost a year ago I noticed in photos my makeup didn’t really have the coverage that I thought it did (damn misleading bathroom mirror), when Looking at the photos I would look like I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all or extremely white as if I was wearing white face paint. It was then I decided I needed to give up the cheap makeup and head on down to the professionals for advice to make sure I got great makeup that would actually make me look great, well like a polished turd at least.

I headed to Sephora, which to me was an intimidating place in itself. With all of the staff perfectly groomed and all over put together. Then there would be me looking like a homeless meth head that tried to look half decent. So when I was approached by one of the Sephora staff I was given a great deal of advice from the staff member on what foundation, concealer and any other face makeup – I had somewhat of an idea for eyes and lips. I found it helpful with the staff because unlike what I was expecting she actually helped me find a foundation to purchase that wasn’t a ridiculous price. I purchased a lighter coverage foundations to start. The lighter coverage foundation I purchased was the Tarte Water Foundation.  This foundation I thought felt really light on my skin and blended perfectly for me I didn’t feel like I was a cake face and its definitely a foundation I could wear everyday.

It kept me going for a few months and I began to make a few other Tarte products purchases because I just loved the brand so much. It wasn’t until I went to Vegas this year that I wanted to get a more full coverage foundation to wear when getting a bit more glammed up. So I ventured to Sephora at the Fashion Show Mall on the strip and yet again I don’t know why I was intimidated by the staff, they were nothing short as pleasant and helpful to me. This time I moved away from Tarte and bought a NARS natural radiant long wear foundation . I was a little worried I would end up looking like I was wearing millions of layers of makeup and looking like a total clown. But this actually made my skin look nice and not like I was a cake face. Of course it helped me look and feel great about the photos from our trip – even the ones were I was obviously boozed up and feral.The great thing about both of these foundations I that they both don’t cause me to treat out like the cheaper ones do. I know a lot of people who can use the cheaper foundation and have absolutely no issues what so ever. But my skin is a total asshole! I never had issues with my skin when growing up, I went on the pill and had no issues either. It wasn’t until I came off of the pill my skin began to hate me with a passion and wanted me to resemble a pimply teenager.


After discovering that buying makeup from Sephora and Mecca (another makeup store) isn’t as bad as it was in my head I actually began to buy more and more makeup and skin care products from these stores and moving further away from the cheap drugstore brands. Sure these product do cost more but Ive found that I’ve had less and less skin problems and I haven’t had to use as much in order to get a great coverage. Ive also been getting advice from staff who actually know what they are talking about, telling me what would be best to make my makeup look the best. I do make sure that Im not being ripped off and before I buy the item thats recommended to me I do a little research to see if the product is actually worth paying for.

Some people can get away with using cheaper products and look nothing short of amazing. But for me, despite me being a little white trash my skin has become a bit boujee and only behaves when I pay a bit more for it. Although its a pest my skin is picky its a good thing that its doing this now when I can actually afford to buy these items were if I had these issues when I was younger there would be no way in hell I would have been able to pay for even a lip gloss. When I was younger I obviously wasn’t that good with my finances. But don’t go out and buy all the expensive designer makeup – you never know it might be shit on your skin. Do a bit of research and find out what works best for you. Don’t go with whatever brands that are the flavour of the month or brands by big celebrities , just chose what works best for you.




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