Going out as a MUM

I am a horrible friend, recently my oldest friend had a birthday and this was the first year that I hadn’t organised anything for her. Every year I have organised a little girls night/day for us to enjoy celebrating her moving forward on the oldermeter . Even when she was pregnant I organised a breakfast for her, but this year the day just caught up with me and I wasn’t prepared. After a phone call wishing her a happy birthday and a big apology for not organising something for her, we got talking about when it comes to having night out with the girls and how much its changed from when we were 18.


When it comes to a Girls Night Out now, its defiantly not like it used to be. When I was 18 it could be sitting at home watching TV and one of my girlfriends could call me up asking if I wanted to go out tonight and I would say “yep Ill get ready and meet leave for your place in an hour”. AN HOUR! I would only require an hours notice and I would get made up, hair done and ready in an hour. NOW. Now I require at least a weeks notice to make sure I and prepared for the night out. Its as if I’m going to the moon with the amount of preparation I need for this night. I need to make sure my hair doesn’t have a disgustingly large amount of re-growth, my nails are painted and chip free, my brows gardened and looking under control and an outfit that makes my blend in with everyone else out. Basically I go to all this effort to cover up the fact I daily spend a lot of time with someone else’s food and body fluids on me. Its my one night when I can look like I have my shit together and feel like a human.

Usually when I have a bit of a weeks notice before a night out it gives me the week to be the healthiest individual on earth to make sure I don’t look like a round potato on the night out. I become the epitome of health, with no trash in my diet what so ever and a few extra workouts to make sure I look half decent until I ruin it with shitloads of booze and deep fried food at stupid late hours.


No kidding, back in the day I was an absolute dumbass when it came to wearing weather appropriate clothing when going out. Back in the day I would wear just a cocktail dress or shorts and a thin top IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! I would be waiting in line at a club shaking with my pale skin turning blue, all just because I thought it would look good. IDIOT! Now I try to compromise with being comfortable and looking good. If its cold I try of make sure I wear pants and some sort of jacket to make sure I don’t end up with a cold with my hangover the next day. Obviously I don’t go clubbing anymore – that part of my life is dead so I don’t have to wait out in line freezing my ass off wearing next to nothing.


Like I mentioned I don’t hit the clubs anymore. Its not my idea of a great night anymore I prefer places where you can sit and enjoy the company of the people you are with and not have shitty remixes blasted in your ears. Now I enjoy rooftop bars or lounges (soo day drinks are more my thing now) so you can sit down and enjoy your drink and a conversation with your friends. Also the one thing I remember in clubs is I would always wait for AGES at the bar to buy a drink only to wear 3/4 of it when I finally get it and try to manoeuvre my way back to my group of friends. I look at places with great cocktails selections and great atmosphere rather than anywhere that serves booze!


Back when I was 18 I would drink and drink and drink and would still try to down more alcohol despite the fact that I had just been in the bathroom throwing my guts up. Im still shock I never ended up in Hospital from alcohol poisoning from my youthful stupidity. I just wouldn’t stop. But now I know when to call it, even in a bit of a stupid state I go “yep no more drinks its time to go home” and I actually head home. I don’t try to down as much alcohol as possible but sometimes when out if I feel myself getting a little bit out of control (slurring or getting clumsy-er than usual) I tend to have a bit of a break and drink water. I drink water for a while and if I start feeling a little less feral I have another drink and if I don’t seem to improve I stop all together and say “NOPE no more”. Ive had nights out when we have had a few drinks and all decided to go home at a somewhat of a decent hour rather than staying out as long as physically possible. Back in the day if anyone went home at midnight they would be called WEAK, but now Im totally content going home at midnight. I get home and able to have a few hours sleep, because remember I get woken up by a small child in the morning and don’t have the comfort of a quiet house if tired or hungover.

When chatting about how much has changed we did agree that for our other halves, not much has changed for them. They still are able to go out without any stress or worries what so ever and they don’t require much notice to plan an evening out. Probably in my case the only thing that is a little different for my husband is I have to evacuate the house while he is hungover/ tired to make sure that the spawn and I don’t disturb the cranky old man thats beached in my bed. After our lengthy conversation about the old days, we decided to plan a girls Christmas party this year. Just a little Christmas party in December with just the girls. No husbands/boyfriends and no kids just all us to enjoy some drinks and get up to some shenanigans. Good thing we organised it now so I have plenty of time to start preparing myself for the night.




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